How to Dress up for the Cannes Film Festival

This year’s Cannes Film Festival is almost around the corner, and if you’re lucky enough to be a part of that magical event – we applaud you! This festival is an A-list occasion, which is exactly why there’s a strict dress code that must be met. If you want to know how to dress up like a true A-lister and present yourself in the best possible way – stay with us. Here are four tips on how to achieve it like a pro!

A red-carpet dress is an absolute must…

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The fact that you actually aren’t an A-list celebrity doesn’t mean that you can’t look like one, at least for a day. There are plenty of ways to make this happen, and all of them include a glamorous red-carpet dress which is absolutely obligatory if your goal is to get noticed. One essential thing is its length – make sure it reaches below your ankles, since that’s the only way to wear it properly. When talking about colors, black is definitely the safest option. However, it’s a bit too predictable, so opt for some brighter shades inspired by Pantone’s spring 2017 selection – Primrose Yellow, Flame, or Island Paradise.  

… As well as a pair of killer heels

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Needless to say, a fabulous red-carpet dress requires a pair of killer heels that’ll round off your breathtaking combo. A pair of strappy sandals is always a good idea, so take a look at the Stuart Weitzman’s Nudists – celebs from all over the globe adore them for a good reason! These come in a variety of shades, but nude and black are probably the most suitable ones, since these can be worn in literally any combo. You won’t go wrong with pointed suede pumps either – just make sure that your shoes follow the style of your dress, since you definitely don’t want to look wrong on the red carpet!

Makeup look on point


Your makeup look should go hand in hand with your whole outfit, but if you’re not quite sure how to do it right, you can always look for some inspiration online. Beauty and the Beast star gladly shares her favorite makeup tips and tricks, so here’s how to copy Emma Watson’s best beauty look. She stays away from heavy bases and foundations and opts for a lightweight tinted moisturizer instead. The next step is adding a touch of creamy blush to your cheeks, and then comes one of the most important steps – grooming the brows.  Emma’s brows are absolutely stunning, and here’s her secret – she gently fills in any sparse areas and then uses a brow gel to keep all the hairs in place. Lip stain is the last step, and this is actually the most effective product since it’ll stay on your lips all day long!

Stylish accessories as the ultimate fashion statement

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No red-carpet dress is complete without some stylish accessories, so bear that in mind and pay attention even to the tiniest details. Cannes Film Festival is a place that bursts in diamonds and over-the-top jewelry, and it seems that celebrities are taking part in a never-ending competition on who’s going to wear the most expensive piece. However, the truth is that you don’t need all that to look like a million-dollar babe. There are extraordinary items that won’t cost you a fortune, but which are as outstanding as those pricey pieces. Don’t forget to get a trendy clutch and a fancy business card holder, because, let’s face it – business cards can help you enter the film industry, even if you aren’t an actress or a director!

As you can see, getting ready for Cannes Film Festival doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably thought. Just make sure to stick to our tips and you’ll come up with a combo that follows the red-carpet dress code without exceptions. Once that’s done, you surely won’t remain unnoticed!

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