How to Dress in The Right Way for Camping Trips

camping trips

We would all like to bring out the wilderness within ourselves once in a while and the best way to do it is by camping out in the wild while trekking, rafting or any other adventure sport. Prepping for camping can be tricky and it is important that you do not miss an essential part of your preparation as it can even get dangerous without the right gears. Apart from the tools like camping and hunting chairs, the right way to dress for camping too can get mind boggling and hence here are a few tips that would make your camping trip a success, at least in regards with your outfit.

  1. Be Aware of The Location

First and foremost, you need to know about the place you are visiting. Do some research about the place by looking up on the internet and asking a few friends who might have visited the place. Once you know the climatic conditions of the place during the time of visit, it gets easier to decide the layering of clothes required and the possible scenarios that can be predicted and allow you to be prepared for it in advance. Also, the type of terrain makes a difference, say grassy, rocky, marshlands, woods and others that will help you prep for the trip efficiently.

  1. Decide Your Activities

Now, that you have figured almost everything about the location you are going to be hanging out at, the next step is to decide on what activities you are going to be participating in. Since there is not a lot you can pack in a travel bag for camping it is important to be specific about your needs. Make a checklist of probable activities and jot down the essentials you will be needing for it. For a few surprise elements of the trip just have something rough and tough, like an all-weather jerkin which might serve the purpose in case something turns up unexpectedly.

  1. Deciding the Attire

This is the most challenging part and leaves you in a state of utter confusion, but it is not big a deal if you organise yourself. A cap is always essential for camping trips. Whatever may be the season or condition a cap always comes in handy or perhaps heady to keep your head off limits. No kidding, caps will actually make you feel better about your outfit anytime. Camping trips mostly are rugged and it is better to wear something fuller to avoid wounds and if it’s too hot then keep the clothes loose. For beach camping, these priorities will change completely to something minimal.

  1. Picking Up the Right Shoe

Don’t ever think about wearing anything other than a shoe for your camping trip except for when it is on the beach. You will need shoes no matter on what terrain you are walking on. Our feet are the most vulnerable during camping since we are almost always on the move. Blisters and rashes can be very common and make sure your shoes are comfortable and well padded. It is also advisable to keep a pair of thick socks for more comfort and safety.

  1. Don’t Bring the Clothes

This trip is about wilderness and adventure so, you can save the good dresses for a party or date. Having high maintenance dresses on a camping trip is the biggest letdown. It’s not just the tents and camp gears that matter on a camping trip after all. Not only will it make you uncomfortable in your normal routine activities but it will also run the dress you were wanting to flaunt. Along with this, being low maintenance is the key to a successful trip. Do not overdo your dressing and wear only what is required.

These were some words of wisdom for those wishing to explore ore of nature in the most adventurous way possible and do not want to return disappointed. Hope these will prove beneficial and make your camping experience a memorable and safe one and the getaway a merry success.


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