How to choose the best engagement ring

You want to ask your loved one to marry you. Congratulations! There is no better seal of your love for each other than an engagement ring. A wedding, somewhere in the summer that is still far away, maybe one of those dreams for the new year. But whoever is getting married must first ask for the hand of his or her loved one and seal with an engagement ring. Buying engagement rings is easier said than done. How do I know which ring she likes? How do I measure the ring size of her finger? And what should I take into account when buying or designing such a ring? Read the tips below.

engagement ring engagement ring

1. Modern or classic?

Is your lover a modern or classic type? To find the right engagement ring, it is important to know what your fiancé likes. Does she like the sleek design, bling or vintage? Does she like gold or silver? There is a huge amount of design and material choice on Carat London. The classic yellow rose or white gold engagement rings are chosen most often. One last tip: take into account the choice for the wedding ring. After all, it would be nice if it matches together.

2. Ring size

A ring must, of course, fit well around the ring finger. But how do you secretly measure the ring size of your loved one? There are various methods for this. The most convenient of course is to take a ring that she often wears to the jeweler. If that does not work out, then you can perhaps make an attempt at an unguarded moment to measure the inner diameter of a ring with a caliper. Be creative!

3. The choice of the diamond

A classic engagement ring contains a diamond. The most chosen ring is the solitaire diamond ring. One diamond is set in this ring. A second option is a diamond pave ring. In addition to a center stone, this ring has an entourage of several smaller diamonds. A third option is the diamond ring with smaller diamonds set on the side. 

4. The cut of the diamond

Once you have chosen the diamond, it is important that you pay attention to the diamond’s cut. By the cut of the diamond, we mean: in what shape and in what quality the diamond is cut – that largely determines the beauty of the ring. Our advice is to go for the highest achievable sharpening quality within your budget.

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