How to Avoid Health Problems If You Sit for Long Hours

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If you are used to sitting for long hours at your desk, you probably have frequent back pains. This is not the only health problem related to this habit. Research has proven that people can suffer adverse health challenges by sitting for many hours without a break. As a result, many large companies are looking for possible solutions to stop the health risks their employees are facing. If your company has not proposed any solutions, this article is for you. It contains all the possible solutions that you need.

Use a Standing Desk

The standing desk has been a great solution for numerous major companies. A human has an upright posture, unlike other animals. Therefore, the more you maintain this posture, the better. Standing desks with the right height are healthier than a sitting desks. Although it is not possible to stand the entire day, you should have a standing desk where you can work for some hours next to your sitting desk.

Take Breaks from Your Desk

Instead of sitting behind your desk the entire day, you should take some breaks and stretch your body. Both tea and lunch breaks are essential for stretching. If possible, visit a cafe with standing counters. Health experts recommend taking your lunch a few blocks away from the office. Another excellent idea for taking breaks is walking to pick up a file from the next office instead of calling for it.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise promotes overall health. If you are used to sitting the entire day, you can go for some gym sessions in the course of the week. The most preferable time is the morning hours although the evening ones can do as well. Some people also use supplements from reliable sellers like Steroid-universe to promote their ability to work out more. This further reduces the chances of suffering from the negative effects of long sitting hours. Other exercises in which one can engage include stretching and yoga. They promote healthy bones, spine and muscles for a better posture.

Use the Right Sitting Posture

Sitting behind the desk without moving for many hours should not be done in any way. People need to use the right posture that is enabled through the use of an ergonomic chair and desk. Such a chair has a high back with the right support for the spine. Those that are adjustable are the best. In this case, the armrest is a must to avoid too much strain on the shoulders. When it comes to the desk, one that is too high will cause health problems within a few hours of use. On the other hand, one that is too low will cause your head to bend forward, which is a problem for the back and neck.


Taking care of your health at all times is very important. This is why people who sit for long hours should focus on the above points to take good care of their health. One thing to note is that they are at a higher risk of suffering from back pain. The good news is that we have already listed some important solutions.

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