Here’s How You Can Take Amazing Photos This Summer

Summer is a wonderful time and with everything opening back up, you’ll be having lots of adventures and making memories. Taking photos is an excellent way to document your 2021 summer and ensure those cherished memories last a lifetime. Here’s how you can take amazing snapshots this summer regardless of whether you’re using a smartphone or a professional camera.

Have fun

Obviously, you can’t take amazing summer pictures if you’re just sitting in your backyard all day every day. If you can afford it, treat yourself to a summer getaway, here are some vacation spot suggestions. If you’re not one to travel, there have to be some fun things to do in your local area (even the tiniest of towns have attractions). Green spaces make excellent summer photoshoot locations, and they are everywhere so there are no excuses! You could have a simple barbecue too. Oh and remember to choose your outfit with your photoshoot in mind, you don’t want to look back and regret your clothing choices.

Choose portrait mode on your camera

One of the primary reasons photographers use pricey DSLR cameras is the ability to alter the aperture to achieve a shallow depth of field. Apple has now given the iPhone identical abilities with the launching of the iPhone 7 Plus, merging Apple’s software with the iPhone’s dual-lens camera system to produce a softly blurred background behind subjects. Portrait Mode is the term given to this function by Apple because it is wonderful for portraits—but don’t stop there! This setting is especially useful for photos with a single topic in the background that you wish to highlight (like a gorgeous summer sunset).

To use portrait mode, launch the camera app and choose portrait from the bottom slider menu. Then, press the screen to choose your focus region. The words ‘depth effect’ should appear at the bottom of your frame. This means you’re successfully in portrait mode. Select a target that is around 8 feet away (the camera can assist you with this) and keep it as steady and brightly lit as possible. When using portrait mode there are a few things to avoid. The function isn’t designed for motion shots or low-light photography.

Furthermore, because the 7 Plus iPhone blurs the background of an image using an advanced digital technique, the camera can easily be thrown off. For instance, a person under a palm tree with a lot of leaves around them may not have the camera focused on them.

Think about lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of a photograph. Knowing a few simple rules can make a huge impact on your photographs. The days are longer in the summer, providing more opportunities to experiment with natural light. Midday light, on the other hand, is brighter and harsher, which can work against you in some situations. In summer lighting, the key to getting a successful image is to position yourself and your subject correctly with respect to your light source.

Let’s suppose you’re on a beautiful summer evening near the lake. You’re standing with your toes in the water, watching the sunset on the other side of the lake. If your photo target were to run to the pier’s end, they’ll be in the middle of the frame, between you (the photographer) and the sun (the light source). Because the subject is backlit while they are right in front of the light, they will appear as a shadow in your photograph.

Assume you ask your target to sprint up to the shore. If you spin around to face the sun, which would now be squarely behind you. As a result, the photographer is now in the middle of the scene, between the subject and the light source (sun). Your subject will be bathed in the lovely light of the sun as they stand in position. This is an excellent location for a portrait too and the beautiful twilight light will completely light them.

What to do after you’ve taken your photos

So you’ve taken some incredible summer shots – now what? Well, firstly you’ll want to back them up so you don’t lose them and secondly, you’ll want to share them so everyone knows how amazing your summer was this year! Private photo sharing sites like Google and iCloud photos are a great way to show off to your friends and family. But hold on, you have thousands of photos stored, isn’t it going to take forever to find the pictures you want to send? Not if you use software like Gemini Photos that will quickly scan all your pics (confidentiality of course) to help you pinpoint which pics you want to share. You’ll probably want to share publicly on social media too, read some social media secrets here.

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