Helpful Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips for After Surgery

breast augmentation recovery

In 2020, nearly 200,000 breast augmentations were performed by plastic surgeons in the United States. 

Breast surgery is popular for correcting the issue of sagging, asymmetrical, or naturally small breasts. Yet, getting this procedure done is a huge commitment that requires quite a bit of post-operative healing. 

To avoid complications after your surgery, you must follow all kinds of instructions so your new chest can heal quickly and properly.

Keep reading to learn our best breast augmentation recovery tips.

Rest and Take it Easy 

The key to healing from any kind of surgery is rest. The more rest you can get in the faster you will heal. Do not take part in any strenuous exercise or lifting during your healing period. 

Of all the breast augmentation recovery tips, this one is essential. You must learn to listen to your body and rest if you feel like you might be overdoing it. 

Don’t Ignore Nausea and Pain 

Learning to listen to your body also includes pain and nausea. These feelings naturally come along with breast augmentation, but they are manageable. Your surgeon will likely prescribe you some painkillers to help. 

If you begin to feel more nausea and pain, contact your doctor immediately. This can be a warning sign of worse things to come. 

Follow Doctor’s Guidelines

Following your doctor’s aftercare guidelines will help your healing process immensely. Your incisions need proper care and constant monitoring to ensure you are healing safely. 

Your doctor’s instructions should tell you exactly how to bathe, change your dressings, and keep pain at bay. Doing everything that they say will not only help you heal faster but manage your symptoms along the way. 

Don’t Wear Regular Bras

Your new breasts need constant support that a regular bra cannot provide. Your surgeon will recommend or provide you with a special undergarment to properly support your new chest. 

These special bras speed up recovery time, make you more comfortable, and reduce swelling. You should keep this or a sports bra on consistently for the first 12 to 18 weeks.

Eat Well and Drink Water

One great way to support quick healing is by staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet. Your surgeon may even recommend that you begin taking certain supplements to encourage recovery. 

Before you go into surgery, you should consider stocking your fridge and pantry with easy-to-make, healthy snacks. Foods that help the body heal include nuts, berries, fruit, and foods high in protein. 

Sleep on Your Back

If you are a stomach sleeper, you will need to train yourself to sleep on your back. For the first few weeks, you’ll also need to keep your chest elevated above your waist for a better recovery. 

After the main healing period has passed you may be able to start sleeping on your side. You may find this new sleeping position uncomfortable for your back or neck. Investing in new pillows or a bed wedge could help. 

Avoid Drinking and Smoking

Drinking and smoking before and after your breast augmentation should be avoided at all costs. For your breast augmentation recovery to go well you must be in optimal health. 

Alcohol dehydrates your body while also putting you at risk for infection and drug interactions. Smoking creates blocks for oxygen-rich blood to reach and heal your incisions. Both activities will inhibit your ability to heal correctly.

More Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips 

When you decide to get a breast augmentation you commit to treating your body well for proper healing. By choosing to disregard post-op breast augmentation treatments, you put your new breasts at risk. 

If you found this article helpful, check out the rest of our blog page for more breast augmentation recovery tips. 

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