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A home’s most aesthetic permanent fixtures are the furniture. The furniture is the pivot of your entire decor and often sets the tone for any design theme that you choose for the home. In an age of factory-made convenience, many have forgotten the designs and details of handmade furniture. But quality always prevails and custom, handcrafted timber is making a very big comeback. Handcrafted furniture is not just about sophistication and high-quality design. It is also more relevant now, in an age where the planet’s resources and dwindling. Here are some great reasons why you should opt for quality-focused handcrafted furniture.

Use Your Space

The most practical benefit of custom handcrafted furniture is that you will be able to use the space of the house or room. Often with readymade furniture, it can be a case of compromise or adjustment with walking space. Handcrafted furniture can be built to specifically fit the measurements given by you.

Balancing Design and Functionality

Sometimes the most pragmatic furniture pieces at the store are also the dullest looking. The same way, an aesthetically pleasing piece of readymade furniture may also be the most impractical. With custom handcrafted furniture, you control this essential balance between how the furniture looks and how it functions. As an example, you can employ classic designs and add hidden storage for better usage.


If one were to dig into the resources that go into the giant furniture industry, the carbon footprint figures will cause quite an alarm. By sourcing materials from all over the world, a lot of energy and logistical resources are spent for something as basic as a table or a chair. Custom-made uses locally sourced material. A piece of custom-made furniture is built to last longer so you do not have to worry about replacements as time passes.

Artisanship and Quality

Handmade furniture is a conversation waiting to happen. Your handcrafted chair or table will boast a design that cannot be replicated by commercial furniture companies. You are employing old time-honoured skills to create something unique. Behind every piece of handcrafted furniture, there is a story and an idea that made it come to life.

Those who love and appreciate carpentry would also find hand-made furniture fascinating. Compare that to a mass-produced piece that comes with no identity. Custom timber furniture is the result of painstaking time and detail, where quality and finish is prioritised over production speed. You will have the choicest of raw materials and dedicated artisanship bringing the idea to life.

Know Your Woods

If you have decided to go for the allure of handcrafted furniture you will be rewarding yourself with a plethora of design options. It is always good to familiarize yourself with the different types of wood available. Some of the popular ones are cherry, oak and walnut. Furniture connoisseurs love cherry for its texture and the fine grain pattern. The wonderful property we all love about cherry wood is the red and brown tone that develops over time. White oak is known for its durability and its rather distinctive grain. Oak is ideal for the common living space and provides the perfect foil for an active family. Walnut is known for its rich tone and is a quintessential American choice of furniture. Walnut is known for its beautiful patina, developed over time.

It is also important that you choose the right stain colour for your new acquisition. The different options available are natural, harvest, golden pecan, vintage antique, Michael’s cherry, almond, earthtone, tavern, golden brown, burnt umber, briar, limed oak, and driftwood. For furniture restoration you can use lacquer restoration.

Custom Options

Customization is one of the best parts of buying handcrafted furniture. You may want some extension storage or change the table skirt length. Some opt for low sheen finishes and 2-toned stains and distressing are also popular choices.

If you are ordering for a dinner table, there are plenty of edge styles that can be incorporated. Some of the popular edges are the bevel, the ogee, and the waterfall. Specialty finishing is another additional custom option that you can enjoy with hand-crafted furniture. You can also choose paint colours if you are opting for a different look. If you are short of space, opt for one of many table leaf designs which add storage capacity to the table.

If you are looking for handcrafted additions to your home interiors then it is best to stick to the experts. They will not only deliver the product you want but offer you a range of choices from finishes to different woods. HomeandTimber.com is a top seller of the highest-quality furniture, made using the principles of flawless, sturdy and distinctive all-American designs. It is best to see and feel what your furniture will look like so you can get started by ordering stain samples online. Enjoy the workmanship and finish of your heirloom-worthy handcrafted furniture.

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