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Bloggers and vloggers who were discovered on social media sites have pretty much built their personal brands from the ground up. They became their own fashion gurus, branding managers, marketing consultants and PR teams, through the process of trial and error. They have learned how to capture an audience and build a following while mastering social media, hashtags, and SEO strategies. The newest and only social shopping network works to continue to mold and cultivate these vloggers and bloggers to take their brands and earning potential to another level.

Social media sites like Youtube can only offer so much to these types of brands. Instead of being promoted, Vloggers must go and secure their own partnerships and sponsorships and usually the content is no longer organically done, due to the restrictions and requirements put into the sponsorship and partnership deals. makes this process easier by being affiliated with over 40,000 top beauty and fashion retail brands. These direct and indirect affiliations make it easier for vloggers to promote their favorite brands without those restrictions. They can now better sell a product they like and they know their followers will like as well. makes this process run smoothly and puts more money back in vloggers hands. Based on the amount of sold products, vloggers will receive either a bi-weekly or monthly check of their overall commission and sales. The best part about is that vloggers don’t have to stop posting on other social media or websites. They can use various media outlets to promote teasers to bring people to their Hauls page, where viewers can buy product and watch content simultaneously. believes that 3-5% of every vlogger’s fan base can become super shoppers.These super shoppers will help increase the vlogger’s overall sales, which then creates a higher percentage of commission. Once items are selected the vlogger’s profile will then be generated to a checkout page. Runways have become shoppable and now has created a seamless shoppable video platform. believes in creating more opportunities for their vloggers, also known as Haulers. These opportunities range from attending award shows, admission to events, traveling around the country and even traveling overseas. Being a Hauler will allow a vlogger to be in an elite group of fashion and beauty influencers, in a season of overpopulated and oversaturated beauty and fashion content. Becoming a Hauler isn’t just an experience, it’s a lifestyle, and an excellent way to grow a personal brand. The perks, as well as the financial possibilities provided by, allow for the opportunity to propel a hobby into a career. is a one-of-a-kind platform that is revolutionizing the online shopping scene. To learn more information about this amazing new venture please visit,

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