Going to the Theater? Dress Your Partner to Match Your Outfit

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If you like having a break from home and going out with your partner, you – like many women around  the world – might have trouble getting your partner dress up for the occasion. Most men believe that they can get away with the same pair of jeans everywhere. To educate your partner and make sure you look great together in the theater lobby while sipping a glass of champagne, you will need to get in the driving seat. Below you will find a few tips on how to dress your partner to impress and look great next to you.

Color Schemes

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If you have already planned your outfit, and visited your local thrift store to pick the right combination of dress and accessories, it might be time to look through your other half’s wardrobe to find something that matches your looks. The good news is that mens suits can be made much funkier if you choose the right accessories and color combinations.


If you are wearing heels or stilettos, you cannot let your partner get away with an old loafer. Instead, you might want to check for a leather shoe that either black or dark red, so they have something to match your little red dress. If you have a bit of sequence on your dress, go for a shiny shoe for him.


When planning a visit to the theater, accessories matter, and help you stand out from the crowd, while expressing your personality. If you are planning on wearing a hat, get one for your partner with matching scarves and ties. You can dress a men’s hat with flowers, scarves, or bows, depending on the occasion.


If you make the effort and visit your hairdresser and beauty salon before you go to the theater and dinner after, your other half looks well-groomed and respectable, too. Book them in to the local salon and make sure that they get their beard and eyebrows groomed. Give them plenty of time to get ready, and make sure you give them some time alone in the bathroom to get ready.

Overall Look

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To choose the right outfit for your partner, you need to check how you look like in the mirror. If both of you wear the same color accessories, you can match your look, even if you don’t have the same style or overall look. Make sure you don’t look like you made much more effort than your partner, or they will look out of place.

If you want to walk into the theater being proud of your partner’s looks and making sure you are dressed alike, you will have to help them choose their outfit and looks. Choose a color that both of you like and pick accessories that create a harmony between the two of you. Pose in front of the mirror together, so you can look like the perfect couple every time who are made for each other and complement each other.

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