Going To The Dark Side! Pulling Off That Punk/Rock/Gothic-Style Look

Sometimes you have to do a complete 180 on your fashion. If you are looking for something a little different than just a couple of additional accessories, and you’re looking to completely shake up your style, but without dressing younger than your years, perhaps the punk/rock style might provide you with inspiration? It’s difficult because we all have to keep a sense of decorum, especially if we work normal jobs. But that’s not to say that on weekends you can’t go wild and take your fashion along for the ride. Here’s how to pull off a punk/rock/gothic-type look, but without completely going overboard.

The Jewelry

You can keep it subtle; you don’t need to really go overboard and have changed dangling from every loose body part. Even an acrylic nose ring can add that right amount of edge to your style. If you really want to go one step further, you might want to go for a couple of statement pieces, especially earrings that hang a little bit lower than what you’re used to, or even have the shape of a pentagram if you want to go full-on “hail Satan!” It’s your choice.

Wear Black

That doesn’t mean you just have to wear completely pitch-black jeans and t-shirts, and that’s it! Get creative! Black pencil skirts, shirts with rock bands on them, and black ankle boots are a few simple ways to provide that sense of darkness to your style. It doesn’t have to be black all over, black and pink work very well together as well! Or if you wear glasses, a geeky style (think Daria) works great too!

The Makeup

It’s your call. The typical gothic style is very much pale complexion with darkened eyes. If you really don’t want to go “full Goth,” consider darkening your eyes somewhat. Or if you are still looking for a way to look a little bit glamorous, think of Margot Robbie’s character in Suicide Squad. It’s that combination of gothic, but still sexy!

Changing Your Hair

It’s a tricky one if you work a prim and proper job, but if you want to try something out on the weekend, do your best to use temporary dyes. The great thing about a rock look is that there is no limit. You want to go for dreadlocks? Then do it! You want your hair long and greasy? It’s up to you! But if you like your hair as it is, and it’s a very well-kept style, make sure that you don’t go overboard with your clothes. Simple jeans and t-shirt look works wonders.

You don’t have to go the full Marilyn Manson to pull off a gothic style. Some of us just like the little aspects of it. Others want to go fully in, and it becomes a style for life. If you like the idea of something beyond your well-dressed efforts and LBDs, go over to the dark side and try a gothic look. Start small, and if you like what you see, start a little bit more or until you feel that you aren’t yourself anymore!


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