Go on Holiday, With Lavanya Coodly

Lavanya Coodly, fashion designer

Summer is upon us, and between working on our beach bodies and studying for finals, there’s hardly any time to plan a show stopping summer wardrobe. For this upcoming summer season you are yearning for natural, breathable fabrics with artistry and color that will blow even your toughest critic away. Lucky for you designer Lavanya Coodly’s collection has a myriad comfortable, functional, and above-all fashionable summer essentials.

This summer make a splash on the style scene with looks from Lavanya Coodly. Coodly makes her breezy dresses, skirts, and tunics using only natural fabrics often only in small batches making these hand woven and embroidered pieces even more one-of-a-kind. Going on a cross-country road-trip and only have room for one suitcase? That’d be quite the dilemma for most women, but thanks to the practical designs Lavanya Coodly has to offer, (aka discrete pockets in nearly every dress!) you can be the woman who’s prepared for anything.

 Lavanya Coodly, fashion designer

There’s nothing more empowering than being able to dress up in clothing that’s made for the wearer, by a designer who understands the wearer wants and how she wants it. Coodly, a self-taught clothing designer, is very much aware that today’s women don’t want to be constricted by their clothing: the days of the heavily starched a-line skirt are gone as we yearn for flexibility and practicality. It is your right to enjoy a rooftop cocktail on a balmy summer evening in fabrics and silhouettes that feel make you feel amazing, and that’s why Lavanya Coodly has designed flowing beautiful dresses like the Emele dress. It’s the execution of the idea that the woman wearing her designs should feel confident and stylish while still being able to be comfortable and that is what makes Coodly’s designs so magnetic.

Luxe, elegant, and versatile, Lavanya Coodly crafts both bohemian and flirtatious silhouettes for every woman. Laving aspires to enhance her look with modern takes on classic styles. Coodly not only offers apparel for the style conscience practical woman in the world. Her designs are also fun, offering colorful and beautifully flowing pieces for women wanting to display her joie de vivre in her clothing. There’s a summer look for every woman in Lavanya Coodly’s collection.

Whether you are preparing for a wine fueled boat tour of Venice, Italy or a backyard barbecue, Lavanya has you literally covered in versatile looks that can transition you from lavish to local. Evening gowns with hidden pockets, tunics that double as swim cover ups, and even pajama sets fit for late night porch talks, Lavanya Coodly is the designer you need to be haute for the summer.

 Lavanya Coodly, fashion designer

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