Glamorous walk-in closet ideas you can try out now

glamorous walk-in closet

A luxurious walk-in closet is an inspiration to many of us; not forgetting the organization advantage it brings. A little glamour and style speaks a lot about us. I put together some glamorous walk-in closet ideas for you to consider when coming up with one or remodeling an existing one.


Sglamorous walk-in closet pace is an essential factor if you are looking to own a walk-in closet. You can make use of rooms you don’t use provided they are near your bathroom and bedroom. A big bedroom can be restructured to create space for a luxurious walk-in closet. The space you need however depends on the items you intend to store.

Design ideas

The design can be inspired by other closet examples online, but this is where you bring out your style. You may consider moving your dressing mirror to your walk-in closet if you have enough space. The number of shelves and the size is determined by the items you intend to store.

Consider all your items. Get a shoe rack for your shoes depending on the approximate number of pairs. Ensure you have hangers for your bags. Open shelves come in handy with everyday use items like sandals. You may also need to set aside a small shelf for your jewelry and beauty products.


walk-in closet ideasLighting concept

Another glamorous walk-in closet idea is adequate lighting. No one wants to spend an hour looking for items due to insufficient lighting. Lighting every segment of your closet is fundamental. Be keen with shelf corners and bottom most shelves. Wall colored lights bring elegance to your closet; however, pay attention where you place them to avoid glare.

High ceiling chandeliers work well too. They tend to bring too much light to a small area. This lighting design might not be suitable for small space closets.

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Finishes and décor

Excellent finishing is essential to creating a luxurious walk-in closet. Choose the right finishes for your shelves and drawers. Bright colors especially white work very well with closets. Accessorize the drawers with gold, silver or chrome handles for that extra glamour.

Why not incorporate some décor ideas in your walk-in closet? Use the extra space for flower vases and pots. Place some family photos on empty shelves. A fluffy carpet on the floor adds style to your closet.

Transformed to a glamorous walk-in closet

On to you, it’s time to transform your monotonous bedroom space, put your organization skills to task and get inspired to own a luxurious walk-in closet. Why not?

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