Give your outfit a personal touch with QB’s Magentic Creations

I’m so excited to introduce QB’s Magnetic Creations. Founder Judy McNeal created something truly unique in the jewelry market. Which is jewelry with a magnet. Perfect to attach without clips or pins. QB’s Magnetic Creations provides a new alternative for personal and workplace jewelry. 

Magnetic jewelry string

The magnetic jewelry string is versatile and makes your outfit more beautiful. It can be an absolute statement piece that you can wear on your shirt, jacket, dress, boots or scarf. Going out with QB’s Magnetic Creations jewelry can complete your outfit and is the finishing touch!

Magnetic Brooches

A simple sweater or even a jacket can become more fashionable with QB’s magnetic brooches. On a blouse, a sweater, a jacket, a colored coat, a skirt and even on your bag or shoe!

Magnetic badges

Finally a badge that looks good! Perfect for work or business attire. Or to use as a glass holder.  The magnets automatically attach and you can safely move into any desired position without damage.


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