Gifts That Dad Really Wants This Holiday Season

Shopping for Dads during the holiday season can be tricky. Most Dads are going to be excited by practical gifts and ones that connect him to important things and experiences in his life. Of course, not every parent is the same and isn’t necessarily going to be excited to get traditionally masculine gifts.  If your Dad isn’t the most talkative or keeps to himself and keeps his interests private, try asking a friend or family member who might know what he’ll be most excited about getting this season. When in doubt, steer towards items that are not only useful but fun for him to use on a daily basis! Is your Dad a big music fan? Or maybe a big outdoorsman? Whatever his interests are, this list will give you a lot of great places to start shopping for Dad this holiday season.

Mens Undershirts

Mens Undershirts might sound like a fairly boring gift, but apparel engineering has made way for amazing new products using state of the art fabric blends to be more eco-conscious, more durable and have higher performance levels. Shirts made from bamboo and tree cellulose are becoming a big trend especially for clothes designed for a more active lifestyle. Any dad will appreciate a special work shirt that absorbs sweat on a hot summer day, or as a layer for long winter walks after a big family dinner. If your dad is particularly active, this will be a great and personal gift for him.

Personalized Navy Caps

For anyone with a military family, you’ll know that those who have served love showing pride for their service. Personalized Navy Caps are a great way to show your appreciation for your Dad’s navy service and give him something he can sport with pride for his time there. Loyalty runs deep for military families, and this will be an amazing gift for any dad who has spent time in the Navy to open this holiday season.

Auto Detailing

Is your dad a big car person? If so, he’ll probably love getting Shine Armor this holiday season. Car detailing can cost thousands of dollars, even for a small exterior job. Shine Armor is an at home solution to protect the exterior of your vehicle and make it sparkle! Their product line includes protective cleaning supplies for the interior and exterior and exterior of your car in addition to special vacuums and tools for cleaning tough to reach spots in and under the seats. Give your Dad the gift of an immaculate ride this holiday season by getting him some products from Shine Armor. This will not only save him money but give him one more fun activity to do while working on his car on the weekends.

Mens Rings

For the Dad who likes a little bit of sparkle, mens rings are a great gift this holiday season! Rings are a great accessory for anyone who loves jewelry and spicing up their look a little bit. Not all Dads will go for jewelry, but for those that do, getting him a really nice gold ring to go with his collection will be a wonderful personal gift for him. It will mean so much more coming from his family to have another lovely piece to wear out for fancy dinners or events.

Winter Sports

If you live in a region that gets cold weather and snow, you’ll probably be breaking out the sleds and snow pants each year to romp around in fresh snowfall. Dads who like getting outside and being active will be elated for a new set of inflatable sleds and toboggans to catch speed down those freshly snowed hills with the entire family. This is a great gift idea because it’s not just for Dad, but the whole family to get out and have some fun together. This could be a very heart warming present, as it doesn’t just serve as a gift to him but as a suggestion that you should all do something together, and that you want to!


For Dads who are music fans and vinyl heads, consider sifting through the options for the best rock albums of all time. This will connect him to his youth and feel like an exciting blast from the past to receive his favorite albums on vinyl. Pick a few that you’re sure he doesn’t have, that way he can mix and match if you do end up getting him something he already has or isn’t that into. Plus, this is another gift that the whole family can potentially enjoy. Who doesn’t like some rock n roll around the holidays?

Outdoor Gear

Is your Dad an outdoorsman? Is he a big fisher or hunter? Consider looking into some new hunting and fishing gear for this holiday season! This can mean a lot of things, from new fishing poles, new outdoor boots for trudging through the woods, to insulated flannels that will keep him warm out in the elements. For seasoned hunters, you could even look into new trail cameras so he can choose the best locations to go out to. These are great options because he can continue to use them beyond the holiday season, and they are a practical and fun addition to a hobby he enjoys! Surely, if your Dad is a big hunter or fisher, there are pieces of gear he’s been talking about wanting. Start shopping today to take advantage of upcoming cyber sales to get him the perfect gift.


Among the most reliable and best holiday gifts for anyone, including dads, is good food! ‘Grill dads’ as they are affectionately referred to, will always be looking for delicious new meats to throw on the grill for holiday season dinners this year. Omaha Steaks offer great options on meat bundles including all the meat you’ll need plus spices and recipes. Consider getting your dad one of these all inclusive kits for a delicious meal you can all enjoy together this holiday season. There are all kinds of options from filet mignons to burger kits. They have something on their store website for any kind of dad who loves firing up the grill and cooking up some delicious steaks for the whole family.

With any gift you are giving a parent or family member, it’s important to take their interests into consideration and get them something you will both enjoy giving and they will enjoy receiving. That’s why it’s always a good idea to give things that you can both enjoy together and create holiday memories. Of course, a thoughtful item for you Dad to enjoy on his own is a wonderful thing to give and shouldn’t be out of the question by any means! The one thing that Dads love more than anything is spending time with their kids and loved ones, so whatever you decide to give make sure there is time folded into your celebrations to spend quality time with your Dad. This will make any gifts you give him that much more special, whether it’s just something for him to enjoy or for the whole family to take part in. He will feel like the luckiest person in the world this holiday season after getting to spend time with his family and share in the gift giving experience.

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