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When you are away from home, you naturally want to look a bit more “beautiful” than on a normal Wednesday morning. Where you normally do not put on that cocktail dress to work, you can easily wear this as an outfit for going out. And yes, of course, you want to look as beautiful as possible, but it should not seem over the top. So what do you wear? What are the real do’s? And, perhaps more importantly, what are the absolute don’ts?

satin shirt dress

Satin shirt dress

You want to look stylish and feel confident, therefore, the most important dress code for a night out is to choose an outfit that is a bit more “glamorous” than your clothing style for work, but which certainly does not look too “exaggerated”, such as a gown or evening dress. So you have to find a “balance” between “casual” and very chic. In short, which outfit do you wear for a night out?

Feminine style keep it classy

Would you like to show your “femininity” as a woman? Then the night out is one of the occasions where it is allowed! So what is a nice outfit for women when going out? Silk or satin dresses, skirts with a lace blouse, skinny pants with sophisticated tops: these are all suitable options for a night out. This way, the dress does not have to be “businesslike” either; it may have a playful appearance, such as a deeper neckline or open back.

Blue front tie playsuit

Blue Front Tie Playsuit

In terms of shoes, an elegant heel will do. As long as you keep it tidy and stylish and don’t make it too messy. Don’t go for hoodies, sports clothes, sneakers or simple t-shirts: these are simply for grocery shopping or the gym ;-).  Although you are allowed to stand out with your outfit, you must ensure that it remains stylish and well cared for; After all, it would be a shame if people considered your clothing style to be “cheap.” So, keep it classy.

Try the empire line dress to hide your tummy

Dresses with a so-called ’empire line’ are very useful when you go out. With clothing with an empire line (it can also be a top, jumpsuit or dress) you have a seam directly under the bust. This is great when you have a tummy. It is a good idea to focus on this point and not on your waist area. The fabric often runs loosely under this seam, making it ideal to camouflage a belly. Just make sure that the dress is not too large because you don’t want to look like your pregnant.

Pink glitter jumpsuit

Pink Glitter Jumpsuit

Look slimmer

If you want to look slimmer when you go out, it is important to make sure that you look as tall as possible. You can do this by wearing one color (or roughly the same color) from head to toe, for example, a black dress with black heels. Your eye can easily go up and down in one continuous line. You can also do it by wearing a plain dress without prints.

Do you want to add a touch of color to a plain outfit? Then you can put an open playful cardigan or jacket over the color, such as an orange or pink cardigan. This way you keep one color in the middle of your outfit so you will look taller.

You can also wear a contrasting color on the inside. The ideal is that the vertical line also continues with your heels. Certain shoes make you look shorter. So choose high heels.

You don’t have to wear dark colors, as light colors can have the same effect. As long as you keep the colors light or dark.

white polka dot bodysuit

White Polka Dot Bodysuit

For petite women

If you are short, you should wear beautifully fitted outfits. When you are young, well-fitted clothes are best. By this, I mean clothing that is not wide but is not too tight either. Both too wide and tight clothing makes you appear heavier than you are. Wear some killer heels or wedges if you don’t feel comfortable wearing high heels. As long as you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit!

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