Get fit and lose weight with the air tumble track

To get fit and lose weight, it is important to exercise regularly in addition to a responsible diet. An easy and accessible way to get moving in your own home is with an air tumble track. You have everything you need for a good workout and you can jump on it whenever it suits you. Read on for the exercises you can easily do.

Warm up with stretch & bounce

Get off to a good start with a nice warm-up. Extend your arms and make sure your feet touch the air track that you can find on Then you start “bouncing”, or bounce. You do this at a slow pace which you can increase if desired. You will then be well warmed up in about 4-6 minutes. You can then continue with your workout, or use the warm up to do another sport.

Stretching exercises

In this exercise you only use the tumblemat as a surface. Lie on your back and extend your legs. Then slowly lift both legs. Hold this position for a few seconds, then slowly lower your legs. You can adjust this exercise if desired (for example, raise your legs or lower your legs more slowly) and repeat it as often as you want. Do you suffer from muscle cramps quickly? Stretch a few times in between. Also keep your back straight and stop if you get pain in your lower back

The bounce & kick

While jumping, you should alternately kick your left and right leg in the air when you jump. This sounds simpler than it is; just try it out. You will find that it is an exercise that will get your heart rate up quickly. Try repeating it several times in a row, then take a break for a few seconds. Also with this exercise you burn calories and build muscle mass.

Bounce & twist

You can extend the jumping on the trampoline by turning around your longitudinal axis during the jump. This can be done in half or in full. This burns more energy than just jumping. You can also raise your knees while jumping and tap the knee with bent elbow during a jump. This last jump takes some practice, so don’t give up too quickly if it doesn’t work out the first few times.

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