Gabourey Sidibe’s Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

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Do you know how amazing Gabourey Sidibe looks? She is now very attractive and has lost over 70 pounds of weight. Gabourey; a 33-year-old American actress who made her debut in 2009, has won many awards in the film industry was very uncomfortable with her weight. Therefore she committed herself to lose weight, and she has used proper diet, exercise, weight-loss surgery and use of a Garcinia Cambogia supplement. She has employed a nutritionist and a trainer, who both help her eat healthily and exercise to keep fit and lose weight.

Gabourey Sidibe weight loss goals to lose 50 pounds of weight in 2015, and she has always worked to achieve that. Surprisingly, she has lost 50 pounds in just a year which is very encouraging. She has integrated healthy diet, bariatric surgery, exercise and a supplement which has promoted her weight loss significantly. She has more confidence and her body now more fit than before.

weight loss, nutritionist

How Gabourey Sidibe Lost Weight so Fast and Easy?

Sidibe hired a trainer and a nutritionist to help her do the exercises that burn fats and nutritional planning respectively. The nutritionist has helped her to take foods with low calories like oatmeal and avoid foods with high calories such as chocolate ice cream and chocolate bars. Avoiding junk foods has helped her significantly in preventing fats and fat deposition in her body which leads to weight gain.

During breakfast, she always takes whole grain oatmeal combined with an egg white scrambler. Oatmeal releases low calories and has high fiber content hence slow digestion rate. During lunch, she takes slow digesting carbohydrates with lean protein and some fruits or salad. This is a perfect diet to lose weight, and she also takes over 5 liters of water daily to enhance calories burning in the body. She was advised to avoid junk food at all cost as they may lead to weight gain.

Gabourey Sidibe’s Exercise Program ?

With the help of her trainer, she has exercised legs and cardio routine which helps her core and legs burn a lot of calories hence losing weight faster. She trains four times a week, and this has helped her body muscles significantly. She has always created time to attend gym so that she can burn more calories during workouts and exercises which has helped her significantly.

Gabourey Sidibe on Weight-Loss Surgery and Journey to Body-Positivity ?

Gabourey Sidibe decided to go for bariatric or weight loss surgery because she knew very well with exercise and diet she can’t lose much weight as she wanted. She had to do it and then work hard in training and focus on her nutritional plan strictly so that she can lose many pounds and achieve her weight goals within the shortest time possible.

Gabourey Sidibe’s Weight Loss Secret, A Pill?

Gabourey Sidibe weight loss could not have been a success without the help of Garcinia Cambogia supplement. She tried garcinia cambogia and apple cider vinegar for a month, and it was fantastic. Her energy levels were high and steady, and she lost 27 pounds within a month with no special diet or exercise. This supplement helped reduce the level of appetite, and she never got hungry between meals. Garcinia Cambogia also burns belly fat which is a major contributor in weight. This supplement has helped her significantly in her weight loss journey.

From the above, it is very clear that Gabourey Sidibe weight loss was a success due to the integration of healthy diet, exercise, weight loss surgery and use of the fantastic Garcinia Cambogia supplement. Therefore if you want to lose weight like Sidibe; exercise, observe proper diet and don’t forget to use the magic Garcinia Cambogia supplement for perfect results.

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