Forever Stylish: 6 Essential Accessories to Rock Any Style Trends

Fashion trends change from one season to another, and it’s rather hard to keep up the pace. Can women look like they just have descended from the runway without spending fortunes on clothes and accessories? Can we be forever stylish and trendy no matter what designers dictate from one year to another?

Fashion experts have at least two key pieces in mind when they talk about classic evergreen outfits that will never turn obsolete: the forever in style little black dress and the timeless nude pumps. They go with everything and can be styled up to match any occasion. But speaking of shoes and other accessories, we will take a look today at six essential pieces which will never fade and turn any outfit into a statement of class and taste from here on end.

1. The Black Stiletto Shoes

The woman in shop chooses shoes

You will see all sorts of shoes on fashion shows and catwalks, in a myriad of colors, fabrics and novelty designs. However, one thing never changes: the classic high heeled black stiletto shoes. Now you may be a shoe addict and have a pair of each possible type of footwear, but black stiletto shoes will be forever elegant, no matter if you take them to work to compliment your power suit or to a club to make you look like the ultimate queen of style.

2. The Black Accent Clutch

young woman in red dress with clutch bag

Women mate for life with their purses and their shoes, and they always want one more. But a staple of elegance, class and taste which never fades is the accent clutch. You don’t need to have fifty of those, in metal hues or gem and feather applications, you need at least black one with some glam and spark to it to pull off any chic and stylish outfit.

3. The Wristwatch
3. the wrist watch

You may be a bohemian hipster at heart or play the casual chic style. You may be forever faithful to shiny metals and stones or the tomboy wearing men’s watches. It doesn’t matter. You can pick either an elegant and timeless wristwatch to go with everything from business wear to gym class or a cool modern funky watch for colorful and jolly outfits. If you are smart and on a budget, go for a watch with changeable wristband – from that point on you will look forever fashionable.

4. Pearl Jewelry
portrait of a beautiful girl in park

When it comes to pearls, everything is loud and clear: they are forever in style and make perfect accessories whether you fancy casual outfits or elegant ones. Remember that pearls are not just white, but they come in silver, golden, pink and blue hues as well – among others. Pick a stylish pearl set with necklace, bracelet and earrings in intriguing beadwork and wear the pieces together or separately. Pearls style up a casual outfit and add that definitive accent of glam and elegance to formal attire.

5. The Metallic Statement Necklace

5. metallic statement necklace

Statement necklaces have been among us for a while, and they are forever changing in design, color, texture, fabric or size. But just as diamonds will never lose an ounce of their preciousness and sophistication, a metallic statement necklace will always be by your side. It can turn your little black dress into an artistic movement and your shirt-and-jeans casual outfit into a glorious fashion statement. They are timeless and always in style, making one of the best choices in terms of accessories.

6. A Nice Hat

6. stylish hat

You may be into baseball caps, boyfriend fedoras, panama stylish hats or wide brim straw hats, winter beanies and so on. You don’t need to own every type of hat in existence, as not all hats go with your face type or favorite haircut. But besides the winter beanie or knit cap, you can pick at least another one to go with clubbing outfits, casual brunches with the girls, outstanding business outfits and summer parties. Not all men dress like Brando and not all women have a coil veiled hat back home, but a stylish hat that goes with pretty much everything you wear will take your outfit up a few notches.

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