Flattering Photos? Look No Further!

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Everybody wants to be able to take flattering pictures of themselves. Better yet, everybody wants to be able to look great in the pictures other people take of them too! If you want to take more flattering photos, these pointers are a must:

Don’t Fully Face The Camera
Fully facing the camera won’t necessarily look bad, but in some cases, it just doesn’t look flattering. How about standing side on, or at a slight angle instead? Sometimes, this angle can make for a very flattering photograph.

Practice Your Poses
There’s no shame in practicing your poses a little in the mirror. Know your best angles and the poses you like best. If you do this, you’ll never turn your nose up at a picture again.

Don’t Be Frightened To Filter
Filters are there for a reason – use them! Your phone will come with filters built into the camera filter. Instagram has filters. There are even separate apps for even better filters. When you filter a picture, you can make it look brighter. You can make it look cooler, or warmer. You can improve it in so many ways! Just don’t go crazy with the filtering. You’re beautiful as you are.

Go For Those High Angles
Whether you’re taking a picture of yourself or somebody else is taking it, go for those high angles. Anything just above your head should make for a slimming, flattering photograph.

This is especially important when taking a selfie. Just take a look at the infographic below for more tips!

Credit to www.mytrendyphone.co.uk

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