Fixing Leaks On Undermount Sinks

undermount sink

Have you ever tried to repair the undermount sink in the kitchen? Although a leaky sink can create damage, the repairing task is easier than you think. A lot depends on the kind of repair work needed. If water starts coming out of the drainpipe, or the faucet or the supply pipes, it can damage the floor of the kitchen. The only hitch in this repair work is to crawl to the bottom and the area below the sink is not visible, so you may have to move down and look into the area with the help of a strong light. The aim is to detect the exact fault, which may be simple or complex.

Indication of the problem

The first sign of a leak in the sink is the presence of water on the kitchen floor. Therefore, you have to start pinpointing the exact source of the leak. As soon as you find out the source, you can start with the work of fixing the leak. Often the cause of the leak is a loose nut. But a loose fastener can also cause the same problem. If the leak in the undermount sink has erupted due to this reason, it is necessary to use the right tool. You may also require a wrench to do the necessary task. Even if you repair the leak, it is essential to double check in the end to find out whether the leak is gone completely or water is still dripping from the area.

Dealing with the drain leaks

The leaks you notice on the P-trap can be the consequence of loose connections or an issue in the drainpipe. If the trap is made from metal, corrosion may be responsible for the leak. The leak can still exist even when you tighten the nuts. So, a good decision is to clean it thoroughly. If you think there is a blockage somewhere, you have to clear it properly. Tightening the nuts of this trap manually may not be effective, and pliers may be needed for this purpose. If you are planning to do it yourself, you must have good knowledge of the equipment that may be needed. Usually, the nuts will refuse to move and you will find it hard to turn them when they are excessively corroded.

Making the replacements

When the leak in the undermount sink is below the trap without a proper reason, the problem can from the seal or the washer. However, the problem can emerge from the seal or washer. Often the problem here can be sourced to the seal that may become worn out due to various reasons. If you fail to carry out repairs of the faucet, the water can move through it easily. To stop the flow of water, you have to replace the washers of the faucets. Remember not to use the faucet, and remove the seals and the washers fully before replacing them. Before you start with the work of Kitchen Cabinet renovation, be sure to fix all the leaks in the kitchen, especially the one in the sink. It will help you to deal with the issue water puddles that form on the floor of the kitchen and damage the newly-renovated cabinet.

Suspecting and fixing the other leaks

If the usual reasons of the leaks do not apply in your case, you may find the work of repair fairly challenging. You can blame the drain of the sink when it leaks, but it will only appear when the sink is filled with water. Often the backflow of water down the back portion of the faucet is a cause of water dripping blow the sink. Although such a leak may not be visible, you have to use a flashlight for inspection.

Appointing a professional

There may be plenty of reasons for leaks to appear in the undermount sink. While you can try to explore the cause of the leak, it is the task of a person with watchful eyes. Unfortunately, repairing a complicated leak is the task of a professional. The procedure of repair will depend on the condition of the leak. If you want to complete the work with perfection, you can talk to the professionals for dealing with the leak and rely on their expertise for fixing it properly.

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