Fitting Men’s Suits to the Occasion

Often men are unsure what to wear when they are invited to a particular event. What is the difference between casual, business casual, dress, and formal attire when it comes to being a guest at a wedding, funeral, or other special event you unsure about.

A typical rule of thumb for a wedding is that appropriate mens suits are business casual, in other words a nice, clean button up shirt and a pair of slacks. This is usually an occasion, as long as you are not part of the wedding party wherein a jacket and tie are not necessary.  A nice pair of dress shoes and a sleek leather belt are the only accessories you will need and you choose comfortable fabrics for the environment so you are neither too hot nor too cold. You may want to consider wearing a casual jacket if the weather is really chilly and you know your going to be outside for the event.

Funerals always depend on the relationship you have with the family, with the deceased and the location of the event. Often mens suits for a funeral are worn complete with a tie. The best choices are neutral colors or patterns in a dark gray or black. This is still considered the universally accepted standard, but don’t be afraid to ask, since some funerals are taking a more casual dress code. The location of the service might help you determine dress code if you can’t find anyone to ask.

Dinner events or business events tend to also be perfect for a simple suit jacket, slacks and black leather shoes. You can’t go wrong with a casual suit. If your not sure what a casual suit really is and how it differs from a formal suit, you may need to spend a day out shopping in a reputable men’s department where you can try on a variety of styles. Typically the cut, fabric, lining, and price tag of a formal suit will tell you it is a step up from its casual brother.

No matter what type of event you are looking to attire, be sure your clothing fits well, and that your shoes are clean. They don’t have to be new to make a statement, but cleanliness ensures a good impression.  Dressing up doesn’t have to be expensive either, as the trend in capsule wardrobes is demonstrating just how few pieces are necessary to produce the perfect look for every occasion. One formal jacket and pant in your closet that fits well and is a simple design in a neutral color may be all you need. It is usually beneficial to have a couple options in a more casual suit in the closet and ready to go, but these are not nearly as pricey as the formal wear can be. A couple pairs of shoes, perhaps one in brown and one in black can take care of every occasion. Don’t stress, and be prepared early and every occasion will be easy to prepare for.


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