Femme Luxe Finery 6 Ways to mix and match your outfits

Research shows that we spend 365 days of our lives in front of our wardrobe. If you have a busy life and need to put outfits together wouldn’t it be nice to be able to limit that time and if you do stand in front of the wardrobe, do it with pleasure? With the practical tips and eye-openers below, you can get started right away and I help you to start the day well dressed and radiant with Femme Luxe Finery.

1. Well-arranged wardrobe

I’m sure you clean your house often but have you thought about coordinating your wardrobe better? Maybe it’s a good day to start making sure everything looks organized so you don’t have to spend too much time looking for your favorite items. And it’s easier to look for good outfit combinations.

Neon pink shirt

                                                                                     Neon pink blouse

2. Wear the right colors

When you purchase clothes, it is very important to look at the color of the clothes. By wearing the right colors like this bright pink blouse from Femme Luxe Finery you will have more charisma and you will appear more powerful. The most important thing is that you can distinguish between warm and cool colors.

Here is a way to help you find the right colors.

If the colors are good for you:

you get more color on your face;

your eyes shine more;

the color of your skin in your face looks calm;

If you wear colors on your face that are less suitable than:

your face becomes grayer and older;

your eyes shine less;

the color of your skin in your face turns yellow or restless;

eye bags, lines, et cetera stand out more in your face.

high waist skinny jeans, Femme Luxe Finery
                                                                                  High waist skinny jeans
3. Basic wardrobe items

Make sure you have the right basics in your wardrobe! High waist blue jeans that fit your figure and is comfortable, a couple of blouses, basic tops in black, white and nude. Perfect to combine with other clothes. Good black pants, and white pants for the summer. A skirt and possibly a dress that matches your height, figure, and style. A blazer that ensures that your waist comes out well. Possibly a nice leather jacket that you can enjoy for years if it has the right color and fit that suits you.

If you have good black jeans or white pants in your closet, you have a good base for making clothing combination. Furthermore, basic tops (short and long) are a must to have in your wardrobe in different colors.

If you wear tight pants in black, for example, combine these with a nude top! Certainly, if you are short, and you keep the base in one color, it makes you look taller and slimmer. Wear a fitted blazer, cardigan or jacket for colder days.

Tailored jackets or blazers are a must in your wardrobe! Short and tailored, can be used for all sizes! These jackets can also be combined with skinny model pants, chino pants or boyfriend jeans.

white floral bodysuit
                                                                                         White floral bodysuit

4. Repeating colors

Complete your outfit by letting the color of shoes be reflected in your clothing or accessories such as a belt, scarf, jacket, jewelry or bag. This will make your outfit look better.

5. Why use accessories

Use accessories! Such as scarves, necklaces, large ring, bracelets, belt, etc. to complete your outfit.
Accessories have added value to any clothing combination. Without accessories, your outfit can look a bit boring. You can easily add color to a basic outfit by using accessories. If you wear a white blouse dress, your outfit will become much more interesting if you add a colorful scarf to it that you let come back in your shoes or bag, for example. The choice of the right accessories makes a combination suitable for a specific occasion.

For example, you can wear a dress to the office with a blazer, a scarf and ankle boots during the day. If you wear the same dress with a necklace and beautiful earrings, without a blazer but with pumps, you can easily join a dinner party.

By mixing and matching your clothing and accessories well, you can make many different outfits with a limited but well-chosen wardrobe and handle any occasion.

white shirt dress
                                                                                             White shirt dress

6. Wear layers

Wear layers to make your clothing combination more interesting. By wearing different layers and combining different types of fabrics you can look more fashionable. For example a white bodysuit with jeans and a short fashionable jacket. Layers are also suitable when the weather is changing constantly.

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