Female Celebrities Rocking the Glam Goth Look

It’s the vampy, enchanting look with a glitzy, sophisticated twist of the modern era that seems to be one of the latest trends on the red carpets of Hollywood and beyond. And for a few awesome reasons! When you see the names rocking the dark-dominated look, you’ll understand why you should have an outfit worthy of a modern Morticia Adams in your own wardrobe.

Dita Von Teese

Seemingly immortal much like her bewitching beauty, this dancer, model, designer and actress, and former spouse of none other than Marylin Manson, is the epitome of vintage-inspired goth. Starting with her well-known hairdo of coal-black curls, her absolute devotion to blood-red lips and all the way to her perfectionist approach in designing elegant outfits, she is aptly named the Queen of Burlesque.

Her reputation as one of the sexiest, most mysterious women of today is partially earned precisely due to her love for authentic goth. All shades of scarlet, burgundy and maroon combined with dresses that emphasize her gorgeous silhouette are trademark Dita only strong, confident women can wear.

Eva Green

Romantic and peculiar might be the first two epithets to add to this actress’s name, but Eva Green truly is an inspiration when it comes to creating a style that shows grace, serenity and depth quite effortlessly. Her impervious gaze is more than enough to get goosebumps, but blend that with her minimalistic yet powerful smoky eyes look and her black hair flowing in whips, and you have a gothic beauty to die for.

She wears her incredibly simple, but glamorously subdued outfits with ease, such as the tantalizing, lacy red dress she wore to the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children New York premiere just last year. Even this transparent, sexy outfit looks classy when worn by a true goth at heart.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

The irresistible allure of this style is reflected in the way typically non-goth stars dare to venture into this look, and Taylor Swift is the perfect example. She is the personification of a good girl gone bad in her latest video called “Look What You Made Me Do” where she flaunts a daring rebellious range of outfits in the spirit of goth. Yes, Taylor wore a biker-girl ensemble of a spike-covered jacket, baker-boy hat and knee-high boots with slit tights.

Although she moves on to a leather-ruled S&M-level bold outfit, a whole slew of dangerously gorgeous items was shown off during this video alone, all of which she pulled off with immaculate power and precision. Fishnet stockings, high-waisted black shorts, and an asymmetrical top were perhaps among her fan’s favorites.

Taylor Momsen

Do you remember Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” filmed 17 years ago? Yes, that’s the same girl, the lead vocal behind The Pretty Reckless, and a girl with an undying passion for music. So sweet, seemingly fragile, but of such formidable appearance, the second Taylor on our list wears her dark new self with pride.

Apparently, rock ‘n’ roll is her soul, and her wardrobe is more than enough to serve as proof of her preference for the untamed and unique. Thanks to her and many like her, women’s gothic clothing is on the rise once again, as she finds a way to wear her attitudes and inspires today’s young to do the same. Just listen to some of her best tunes, and you’ll realize why she feels so at home with this timeless style.

Kristen Stewart

The star of the all-goth vampire saga “Twilight” seems to love the essence of goth well beyond the movie script. And truth be told, she is perfect for it, even with her new boyishly short blond hair, she manages to maintain that aura of enigma, especially when she sticks to red lips and soft curls she’s known for.

A single glance at her and Charlize Theron’s look for the Interview magazine 2012 edition, and you can see that she is more than comfortable in the powerful coat, dark lips and a chunky necklace. She has all the darkness of her Bella Swan character, along with the glamorous vibe of her soaring career.

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