Fashion Realities: Sweat, Summer, and Your Style


There are some things in life that aren’t pleasant. We don’t like to think about them, but our attempts at blissful ignorance are always doomed. These things will keep happening, and by pretending they’re not, none of us move any further forward.

So, deep breath ladies: let’s talk about summer style and the one thing that can ruin it. The one thing that you can’t control, outside of expensive electrolysis. The one thing that is going to happen to you this summer for sure: you’re going to get sweaty.

Yes, ick. There’s no denying there’s an ick factor in discussing this, however… sweat happens. If you’re too warm, your body cares not one jot for the fact it’s about to ruin your new silk shirt: it’s going to sweat in an attempt to cool you down. There’s no real way of preventing it, and there are scientific arguments about why we shouldn’t even want to stop it from happening. So we’re stuck with it – and that means, you need a strategy to cope.

Sweat Doesn’t Have An Odor

 Does the above sound like nonsense to you? It’s really not: there is no odor to sweat itself. The nasty, unpleasant, typical “BO” smell that we’re all familiar with is caused by the sweat interacting with the bacteria on your skin, not the sweat itself. Some illnesses can cause sweat itself to smell, but if you’re generally healthy, then any odor risk is coming from the bacteria.

Obviously, this makes washing a must. You’re probably doing this anyway, but there’s nothing wrong with a reminder. Don’t think you have to reach for antibacterial washes here; a good soap and a thorough exfoliation is enough for most of us to keep things at bay. One good side of shaving your armpits is that this acts as a natural exfoliant.

If you’re washing well and using a deodorant, then odor is probably not your biggest concern with sweat.

Fabric Choices Influence Sweat

 As a general rule, the more manufactured a fabric is, the more it’s going to make you sweat. You may have heard of natural materials like cotton or linen being described as ‘breathable’. This is something of a confusing term; what these fabrics allow is evaporation of sweat, not an absence of it. Manmade fibers don’t have this ability, which means the sweat will cling to your body rather than being allowed to evaporate. This also has the unpleasant side effect of making you feel even hotter. So go with natural, non-synthetic fibers, particularly on your upper body.

Accessories On The Slide

 The feel of a bracelet chafing against the bones of your wrist or the risk of your new yellow diamond ring becoming so loose it tumbles to the ground – yes, sweat makes wearing accessories more difficult.

Summer doesn’t have to be the month you cast aside your accessories, but it’s worth taking steps to be more careful. One option is a cheap tub of arrowroot powder, which can help absorb sweat so that everything stays in place. Alternatively, make all accessories as close-fitting as possible by removing links in bracelets or using ring adjusters to keep everything in place.

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