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models off-duty

We love them on the runway and are in awe of their magazine covers, but we know that in scenario a) they have an entire team of stylists dedicated to sending them down the runway looking flawless, and when it comes to scenario b) there is a lot of airbrushing and photo editing involved, so we’re aware that they have little say in the way they look while working. However, aside from fashion bloggers, these are the first girls we turn to for style inspiration. Why? Well, when working so closely with designers you learn a thing or two about not only what’s hot and what’s not, but also about how to mix and match your garments for an impeccable models off-duty look, which works great for us – we’re not models but we wouldn’t mind snagging some of their ‘real-life-wearable’ secrets so we can channel our inner supermodel in daily life as well, so let’s go ahead and do exactly that.

Rely on athleisure

models off-duty

If you look at any of the countless photos of one of the most coveted models off-duty today – Bella Hadid, you will know that, when she’s not wearing her angel wings she rocks athleisure like nobody’s business. Yes, she knows how to glam up when the occasion calls for it, but on her regular days you’re most likely to catch the model rocking high-rise leggings or even track pants, a sports bra, a zip-up and cool sneakers. Now, the secret to making this sporty look ‘model worthy’ all you need are two secret weapons – a killer bag that doesn’t necessarily go with the whole ‘gym getup’ and amazing eyewear.

Whether she’s wearing a sporty dress, a casual tee and high-rise jeans topped off with sneakers – which all of us can do, she always makes sure to add a touch of glam with a great bag and flattering specs, so start investing in quality accessories if you want to go from sporty to supermodel athleisure glam. Of course, if you intend on flaunting your abs, you might want to snag some of the model’s exercise and diet secrets as well. She sticks to a low carb diet, so you might want to look into it. What are ketones and what do they do, for instance? – Bella probably knows, so get the latest scoop on new dietary trends, because if you want to flaunt that body, you’ll also want to get that body.

Always with an iconic element

models off-duty, Bella hadid

You may not have noticed this, but most models resort to some denim garment or another when they want to exude those nonchalantly cool vibes – take Gigi for instance. For her 73 questions with Vogue, she chose to wear a simple red top but added a whole lot of cool with her mom jeans a slightly oversized denim jacket. She kept the makeup minimal, just a red lip to match the top, and she looked super fly. Of course, she also wore her signature Vogue x Gigi specs, so it’s safe to say that eyewear is a definite must. She’s not the only one – Karlie Kloss often wears low-key denim miniskirts and spices the look up with a top in a bold print like leopard, so the lesson here is – don’t be afraid of matching something casual like denim and something totally dressy like an extravagant blouse. This kind of pairing that was huge in the 2000s is totally making a comeback.

A little goes a long way

models off-duty, Kendall

We still haven’t covered the highest paid model of today – Kendall. When it comes to keeping it low-key but still look fierce, Kendall is the girl to turn to. The supermodel –when she’s not adorned in Moschino flower dresses, usually just goes for a pair of washed high-rise jeans and a turtleneck crop top. Of course, some designer bag is always present, but we’ve already covered that. Another thing to notice is that her hair is always impeccably straight and her face makeup-free. So, the next time you head out to brunch, we dare you to grab that attitude of yours and rock a simple and casual jeans and a tee look, and rock it like you’re wearing the fiercest ball gown. Oh, and just to give the traffic something to stop about, put on a pair of those white pointed-toe boots.

Even they know it models off-duty

models off-duty, Kendall

A quality motto leather jacket is an absolute style chameleon, and even when they’re rocking the simplest most copy-able outfits out there, they know when it’s time to bust out the iconic staple that will never go out of style. You may not have noticed this before, but you probably will from now on – every supermodel always has a leather jacket to die for. Why? Because this baby blends with every look and transforms it at the same time. It can look polished, cool, fierce – which is why it’s always a good investment.

The cat’s out of the bag now, so go scroll through your favorite models off-duty pics – you’ll realize that what we revealed was hiding in plain sight – it’s all really casual, with just a few crucial details for that wow factor and final twist.

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