Fashion color tips Every Women Should Know about

fashion color tips

For some people it’s easy to combine different colors together. But it’s always nice to have some tips. Especially if you usually wear black or dark colors but would love to wear more vibrant colors. At you can find the perfect outfit in any style and color. Read the fashion color tips to pick the perfect outfit.

Tip 1 Cool and warm colors

Everything that tends to be more blue is considered a cool color. And tones that are orange/ red are considered warm colors. You can go for an outfit with only cool colors to create a more uniform look. Or you can combine a couple of warm and cool colors. If you want to stand out choose contrasting colors like yellow and purple.

Tip 2 Different tones in the same color

Let’s say you have a yellow jacket do not try to combine it with a pastel yellow skirt or blouse. Unless you implement the two different shades of yellow in your whole outfit it doesn’t look good. Choose two contrasting garments instead.

Tip 3 Black and white

Last but not least in the list of fashion color tips! Black and white are safe colors so if you don’t know what to wear and you go to a special occasion. You can’t go wrong with black or white. These colors are also easy to combine with any other colors in the spectrum. Other neutral colors are grey, blue and nude colors like camel. |

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    I’m loving these dress. Would be perfect for the festive season and parties! Thanks for sharing!
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