Explore Some of the Common Wedding Ring Superstitions

Weddings are steeped in traditions, customs, and even superstitions. From the auspicious time when the bride should be walking down the aisle to the color of the bridal attire, several aspects of a wedding are actually dictated by existing wedding rules and norms accepted by society. We understand that some superstitions and traditions are deeply ingrained in our mindset and culture. No wonder we follow them blindly. For instance, wearing something old is symbolic of the bride’s past. Something new represents the happy future of the bride and the groom. Often the bride borrows something from an individual who seems to be happily married. According to CNN, this custom is fulfilled with the expectation that the individual’s good fortune will ultimately rub off on the new bride. 

Just like wedding superstitions, there are many superstitions attached to your wedding rings. Here are some common wedding band superstitions you should know about.

An Excessively Tight-Fitting Wedding Band May Lead to a Stifled Relationship

It is a common superstition that if you wear a super-tight wedding band, you are unknowingly laying the foundation for a suffocating relationship that could end up igniting some elements of jealousy in the marital relationship. A too tight wedding band may imply a strangled relationship culminating in an unhappy and unsuccessful marriage.

Loosely-Fit Wedding Bands Imply that the Couple Will Part Ways

From the practical perspective a loose wedding band could fall off your finger unnoticed and you may end up losing your precious wedding ring. You have to constantly check if your wedding band is in place and has not slipped off your fingers. It is best to choose a ring that fits you perfectly. Loose wedding rings demonstrate forgetfulness that may culminate in the parting of ways. 

Drop Your Wedding Band to Eliminate Evil Spirits 

Dropping your wedding band may normally indicate that you are being clumsy. However, it is considered auspicious to drop your wedding band as superstition has it that if you drop your wedding band, you will successfully eliminate all evil spirits from jeopardizing your holy matrimony. Your wedding will be free from all negative and inauspicious elements culminating in a happy, prosperous, blissful, and long marital life. Check out the beautiful assortment of wedding bands at epicweddingbands.com.

This legend has been related with wedding bands for a long time. On the off chance that the wedding band is dropped by either the lady or man of the hour on their big day, then, at that point it is thought to shake and deliver underhanded and negative spirits. By delivering these shrewd spirits, it is thought to scrub the atmosphere of the couple and take into account a long and agreeable eventual fate of affection. So maybe it is ideal to drop your wedding band on your uncommon day to carry favorable luck to you and your cherished one!

Wearing Somebody’s Wedding Ring is Harbinger of Ill-Luck

It is a superstition that if you wear somebody else’s wedding band, particularly, from a broken marriage, it could indicate bad luck or misfortune will come your way. It is rooted in the superstition that objects of trauma will still be having some negative elements or inauspicious energies. If somebody wears the wedding ring of a divorcee, it is assumed that the negative energy of the ring will be transferred to the wearer. It could lead to an unhappy and unsuccessful marriage.

Why wedding ring worn on third figure?

This fantasy has since a long time ago become conjugal practice. The ring is worn on the third finger as antiquated Greek doctors accepted that it contains a vein that runs straightforwardly to your heart, representing unceasing affection. Notwithstanding, in the event that you ask any clinical expert they will educate you that there is no convincing proof that there is a vein that streams straightforwardly to the heart from any of the fingers.

Itchy Fingers May Indicate a Marriage Proposal is Coming Up

Suppose you are experiencing an itchy finger, it could mean that you are going to be proposed for marriage soon. A marriage proposal could be very much on the way. If you find that a finger is experiencing a tingling or itchy sensation.


These wedding ring superstitions have been there since time immemorial. Even though modern couples do not believe in these superstitions, it seems great fun to discuss and understand these superstitions that are deep-seated in our culture. 

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