Everything you need to know about the belly button piercing

If you want to buy a belly button piercing, whether it is online or not, there are a number of points that you should take into account. Naturally, the design of a belly button piercing is leading. But it is also very smart to be aware of the other properties that apply to belly piercings. Because with extra knowledge you make better decisions and you will not be faced with surprises.

The Oufer Body Jewelry is the best body piercing jewelry brand. You can purchase their jewelry online. Such as cartilage earring, belly button ring, nipple ring, nose ring, tongue ring and so on. But before you make a decision read this article and get all informed about belly button rings.

The belly button piercing itself can be roughly divided into three types

First there is the rod with a ball at the top and bottom. This ball is usually decorated with a color, stone or figure. This usually gives a subtle and understated look.

As a second type, there can also be a “pendant” hanging from the bottom ball. The size of this pendant will differ, but it is easier to notice due to the length and often rests on the stomach. This creates a more striking and fuller appearance.

It is often difficult to make a choice between a belly button ring without a pendant or with a pendant. In practice it is most convenient to have at least one of both at home. One to really show off and one that can be used especially practical.

Finally, there is the reverse belly piercing. The decoration runs upwards instead of downwards, making the bar less visible. This belly ring therefore seems to sit higher and usually gives an elegant and robust look.

Buying a belly button piercing online is easy with this collection of belly rings from Oufer Body Jewelry. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to a number of things. First, the choice of piercing material is very important. If you know which material best suits the way you use your belly button piercing, it is still important to choose the right length. Oufer body jewelry are all made of 14 Gauge thickness barbell, which is common size for the belly button piercing. The cubic zirconia and gem stone, opal gems, are the often used to bring more charming to the belly ring and belly button.

Buy the piercing in the right size

Most belly piercings are sold with the same standard size of 10 mm in length. For most, this will be enough and they don’t have to pay attention to it. But there are also a number of people who need a longer or shorter copy. Then you have to make sure that the bar can be removed from the belly button piercing.

Buy and replace a sustainable belly piercing

Also when it comes to the lifespan of your navel piercing, it is important to know whether the navel piercing has an interchangeable bar. If that is not the case, it means that if something breaks on the pendant or the ornament at the bottom, the entire navel piercing is written off. If the rod is interchangeable, you can easily replace parts, and those parts cost almost nothing.

Belly piercing material

The material of course determines the appearance but also the properties of a belly button piercing. It is therefore always good to know which material has which properties. Oufer Body Jewelry only use the 316L surgical stainless steel, 14kt gold and g23 titanium, these are all the safe material for body piercing.

Buy belly piercing with or without pendant

Long pendants are almost always “prettier” than belly button piercings without a pendant. Logical because without a hanger less is possible in terms of design. But longer pendants are also very fragile and if your belly button piercing is not visible it is better to wear a belly ring without a pendant. When choosing your belly button piercing, also keep in mind that the principle “less is more” still applies very often to belly piercing. Both for durability and appearance.

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