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It’s true that dark skin is higher in the pigment melanin than light skin, which can provide some protection against skin cancer and aging. African Americans need to protect their skin with sunscreen, at least SPF 30. There’s a common misunderstanding that because of the melanin in our skin, we don’t need to wear sunscreen. As much as I’d love to say that we’re naturally protected from the sun, that is a common misconception that is putting us at risk. It is about time we understand the relationship between melanin and sun protection. While Melanin does provide mild protection from the sun. It is only to a certain extent, which is why it is important for people of color to apply sun screen. There’s no way you’d want to add more steps to your daily routine, but that’s why Klenskin exists.

Klenskin is an in-shower SPF 30 sunscreen that’s so easy to use you’ll forget it’s also providing you with necessary protection from UVA/UVB rays. Functioning as a three-in-one product, Klenskin can be used as a shampoo, face and body wash.

Speaking from personal experience as a woman who never knew she could be sunburned until it happened, there’s nothing more important than protecting our melanin enriched skin from the sun. Sun damage is less obvious in people of color, even though it still often results in dark spots aka hyper pigmentation of the skin. Because people of color are often under the impression that they cannot burn and therefore are not in danger of sun damage, we’re more likely to go years with undiagnosed skin damage. Everyone, no matter what your skin color may be, should wear sunscreen. With Klenskin, you’re able to apply sunscreen to every inch of your body and head out the door without worrying about incurring any painful sunburns or unflattering sunspots.

Klenskin is incredibly moisturizing, allowing your skin to retain its natural oils and leave you feeling soft. And once you hop out of the shower you can still slather on your favorite lotions and moisturizers! Everyone needs an SPF of at least 30, and Klenskin provides you with this basic amount of SPF in non-greasy formulas that are appropriate for kids and people with sensitive skin. The entire family can shower in Klenskin before stepping out for the day, and you can take comfort in knowing that you’re all protected. Check out how Klenskin can help protect your precious skin at their online shop- http://www.klenskin.com/.


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