Essential Beauty tips for a successful first romantic date

first romantic date

It’s normal to be nervous on your fist date. You have no idea what to expect and we all agree it’s about the inside and not just your appearance. However, looking good can make you feel better! Do you want to feel confident and relaxed on your first date? Follow these beauty tips for a first romantic date! You will make a great impression.

Your eyes speak

Make sure you wear some mascara and a neutral colored eye-shadow that fits with your skin tone. Use some black or brown eyeliner, there’s no way your date from Guildford dating is going to forget about you! Let your eyes speak is the golden rule on a first date.

Natural beauty

Your first romantic date wants to see you not just your make-up. So if you love experimenting with crazy bright colors you might want to tone down a bit. Go for neutral and choose one feature in your face that you would like to accentuate. For example, don’t go for over-dramatic eye makeup if you wear red lipstick. Choose one of them and impress your new date from Shetland dating. Use a thin layer of foundation and a little blush on your cheeks.

Kiss proof

Red lips are sensual but what you wear on your first romantic date depends on what you feel comfortable with. Do you want to kiss your date? Then avoid red lipstick and just wear a lip-gloss. But if you don’t like kissing on first dates you might actually want to put an extra layer on it! If you are still single find your partner on Borders dating.

Your scent

A man loves a woman who smells good. So wear your favorite perfume on your first date. If you are 50 years or older visit over 50s dating Staffordshire and over 50s dating Gloucester. And wear a seductive scent to impress your first date. Don’t exaggerate a little bit is enough.

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