Enlarged labia: its effects and what you can do

We live in a world where no two persons are exactly the same. Everyone has different facial features, skin tones, and shape of body parts. Similarly the size of the outer part of the female genitalia, known as the vulva, could also vary. While some can be pretty thin, others can be quite thick — or enlarged.

What exactly is enlarged labia?

Two skin folds make up the vulva: the outer fold is labia majora, and the inner one is labia minora.

In some people, the labia majora can be quite enlarged and more noticeable. For some, it’s the inner fold that’s unusually large.

Although enlarged labia may pose a few problems, such as discomfort, it doesn’t mean you have a medical problem. It’s just a matter of size, nothing underlying.

In the medical world, enlarged labia is called labial hypertrophy.

What are the effects of enlarged labia?

Labial hypertrophy may pose a few problems to women. Here are the common symptoms or effects:

●      Clothing problems

If you have labia hypertrophy, you’ll notice a significant bulge in that area when you wear tight-fitted clothing, such as a bathing suit. While it can be pretty attractive for some, it may embarrass some women.

●      Sensitivity

The labia minora is much more sensitive than the labia majora. So if your labia minora is unusually large, you may experience hypersensitivity as it makes contact with clothing.

●      Hygiene issues

Since the area can be pretty sensitive, you may be disinclined to touch or clean it. Not properly cleaning the folds may lead to hygiene issues and infections.

●      Irritation

As the enlarged labia constantly rub against rough clothing, the skin can become irritated and even more sensitive.

●      Discomfort

You may experience pain during activities that pressurize the genital area, such as riding a bike. You may also experience some discomfort during intimacy.

What you can do

If you have the condition, do not lose your peace of mind thinking you have a disease. Enlarged labia isn’t a disease.

However, suppose your enlarged labia interferes with your life, such as not being able to wear tight fitted bottoms. In that case, you might want to correct it through corrective surgery known as labiaplasty. Ladies who have undergone labiaplasty by Dr. Brian Shafa experienced impressive results. In simple terms, battling with the sensitivity and discomfort that characterized this condition is now a thing of the past.

Even teenagers can get labiaplasty done, although doctors generally recommend waiting until after puberty.

What causes enlarged labia?

Labial hypertrophy is totally normal. It’s just how one breast size may be larger than the other. In short, there’s no correct size or shape of labia, so you shouldn’t lose your self-esteem over it.

Why the labia grow excessively isn’t clear, but some of the following may cause it:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal surges. As reproductive hormones increase during puberty, labia growth may be one of the changes.
  • Pregnancy may also cause the labia to increase in size as blood flow to the genitalia increases pressure in that area.

In rare cases, labial hypertrophy may be due to infection or physical trauma to that body part.

Wrapping up

Again, an enlarged labia isn’t a significant cause of worry unless it interferes with your daily activities and well-being, such as hygiene and clothing issues. In such cases, getting a labiaplasty is recommended.

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