Eight Vietnamese Street Foods You Must Try

spring rolls

You may try quite a lot of street food when you visit Vietnam, and you will find that each of the eight listed below is quite delicious. You may not recognize the dishes yourself, but you will come to love them once you have tried them the first time. This article explains how you may choose a street food in Vietnam that will tantalize you in every respect.

#1: Vietnamese-Style Sandwiches (Banh mi)

Banh mi is a street food in America that is often served from food trucks, and you will find them even more authentic when you go to Vietnam. The sandwiches are made from a simple loaf, shredded meat and greens. You may put them together in seconds, and they are spiced to make your senses tingle. You get a bit of the spice that you are accustomed to in Asian food, but it has a kick in the sandwich.

#2: Fresh Spring Rolls (Goi cuon)

spring rolls
Spring rolls are served in light wrappers that you may see through in most cases. You will see the shredded vegetables and meats in the spring roll as you dip it in a sauce, and you may eat several of them in a few moments. The spring rolls may be made from an number of vegetables, and they may or may not feature a protein. Ask the street vendor which one they prefer.

#3: Beef Noodles (Pho bo)

Beef noodles are straightforward in every respect, and they are easy to serve with a heavy noodle and a bit of shredded beef. The beef has been seasoned to perfection, and it is dropped over the noodles with a bit of sauce. You do not need anything else when you buy from a street vendor, and you may carry a large portion away from he cart where you buy your next helping of beef noodles.

#4: Roll Cake (Banh cuon)

The roll cake is quite a lot of fun to eat as it will be a treat when you are rolling by after a long day of seeing all the beautiful tourist attractions in the area. You will find the vendors often do not serve them with anything at all because the cakes alone are addictive, and you may eat it with one hand because it is such a basic dessert. You may find vendors serving it with jams or glazed, and you will notice these are even more decadent than their plain cousins.

#5: Vietnamese Sweet Soup (Che)

The sweet soup is an item that will cool you down on a warm evening. You may not realize how cold it is until you have taken a sip of this soup, and you will find that it has been sweetened unlike anything else you have ever eaten. You may get the soup from a vendor as it is served in a glass over ice, and you may dip the spoon in freely. The soup will help you cool you down before you get back to your hotel, and you will find each vendor has a slightly different recipe.

#6: Rice Noodles (Bun)

Rice noodles have been swirled out into their shape before they are cooked, and they cook up in moments. They blow up into a lovely texture that gives you the crunch you need, and they are seasoned in a harsh manner that will make you widen your eyes on your first bite. You may try these noodles when you do not want the traditional soft noodles, and they will help you wake yourself up after a long morning or sightseeing.

#7: Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cafe sua da)

Vietnamese iced coffee or cafe sua da is not flavored or sweetened in a way that you could imagine if you have not tried it before. The coffee is sweetened int he Asian style, and the flavors are much lighter than they would be in coffees you find in the west. You need not have cream in your coffee, or they will add a local milk that may be sheep’s or goat’s milk. This is a lovely treat when you want to wake yourself up, and it feel a bit like a dessert drink that you will have a night before returning to your hotel.

#8: Broken Rice (Com tam)

Broken rice is the last on the list, but it is certainly not the least. This is a diced rice dish that you will get on the street corner with your choice or protein and seasonings. It will have flavors that jump out of the bowl and into your mouth, and it is easy to eat because the rice grains have been broken up. You will find many small surprises in the dish includes vegetables and herbs, and it will be a good snack or midday meal.

You may try any of the eight dishes listed above when you are on your next trip, and each of them will fill your soul with satisfaction.

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