Dressing to dine: How to dress elegant to a fancy restaurant

In a fancy restaurant, there are several crucial elements where you want to be aware of. Elegant clothing is a must for a chic restaurant and should never be forgotten. An elegant dress with the right accessories do wonders and form a great base for most dinners.

If you have an appointment for a fancy dinner, then it is appropriate if you dress accordingly. For example, you cannot walk into a Michelin star restaurant in jeans and a T-shirt. Dressing to dine for a chic dinner can be easier after reading this article. 

When you prepare for a fancy dinner, there is more to it than just selecting the right clothes. You also have to think about which shoes and accessories best suit your outfit. Hopefully, the fashion tips below for a chic dinner can provide you with some advice.

satin dresses
                                                                                     satin dresses

1 No jeans

Whatever you decide to wear to a fancy dinner, don’t choose jeans. These are too casual and more suitable for a casual dinner. You should look stylish and not look like you are going to the supermarket.

2 Elegant dress

If you want to achieve a luxuriously elegant look, you can achieve this by wearing a satin dress. Make sure it is not too short, it is good to wear a midi dress. Or wear a long elegant dress and make sure that the dress is not too exposed, otherwise, it will look tacky.

3 Not too tight

Okay, a little sexy is nice but too tight is never good when you are dressing to dine! To prevent that you can only eat salad otherwise your dress feels uncomfortable it’s better to wear something looser. For example, opt for a loose-fitting midi dress or elastic dress, so that you do not feel uncomfortable all evening. When you are not a fan of dresses you can wear a bodysuit or blouse with satin trousers. So you don’t only enjoy your company, but also the food.



4 The color

Because you are eating during dinner, there is a chance that you can mess and get a stain in your clothes. You can, of course, eat as carefully as possible, but there is another solution to be sure. By wearing dark colors, such as black, brown and navy, a stain of something like tomato sauce will certainly not stand out as if you were wearing a white outfit. If you are not clumsy to feel free to wear any color you like.

5 A jacket

If you want to wear a jacket over your dress, do not choose one with a straight model. This is because it is too masculine and you don’t want that. So make sure the jacket is narrower at the waist so that it gives you a nice silhouette. If you don’t have a jacket, you could also opt for a cardigan, as long as the color combines with the rest.

6 The shoes

In addition to clothing, shoes are also very important. In the first instance, the color of your shoes must go together with your clothing. If you wear a dress with a print, choose solid shoes. Otherwise, it looks mismatched. And remember you are going to dinner, not a fashion show. If your dress has a uniform color, then you can wear shoes with a print.

Maybe you want to go shoe shopping before your dinner. But make sure they are comfortable especially when you decide to go for a walk after dinner and you can only think of your sore feet exactly, that’s an absolute disaster. Therefore: put some shoe polish over your pumps and they look like new. When I say comfortable shoes I do not mean sneakers, flipflops or ballerinas. Always go for feminine! You must have a pair of heels that you won’t curse. In the worst case scenario, build your outfit around it.

midi dress
                                                                                     midi dresses

7 Jewelry

At a chic dinner, you have to be careful when wearing jewelry, because you can go over the top pretty quickly. It is best to opt for modest and subtle jewelry or one striking item. Diamond earrings or a necklace with precious stones. If you prefer modest you can go for pearls.

8 Accessories

With accessories, you can think of a handbag, such as a beautiful clutch in the same color as your shoes. But a belt is also included here since you could easily wear it with a dress so that you can emphasize your narrow waist. You could also tie a nice satin scarf around your neck. Now you have all the dressing to dine tips to make a lasting impression!

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