Dress codes for proms with matching purses

A prom always has a dress code, but it is not always clear what exactly is expected with such a dress code. Below you can read a short explanation of the different dress codes that are common at proms and how to match it with a purse or bag.

Black Tie

An outfit with a black tie. The dress code speaks for itself. At Black Tie, the men wear a tuxedo. A tuxedo is a two piece black or colored suit with a pleated shirt and socks the same color as the shirt or jacket. You can finish the tuxedo with a bow tie and a white pocket. Smooth, black shoes finish it off.

Women wear a long or short evening dress with a Black Tie dress code. If you have a very neat cocktail dress, this is also possible. If dinner is included, you must wear a long dress. In any case, make sure that your cleavage is modest. You mainly want to appear elegant, not inviting. You can complete the outfit with a pair of mid-length gloves and beautiful matching prom purse and heels.

Romytisa envelop prom purse
Romytisa envelop prom purse


The Cocktail dress code is mainly aimed at women, with the cocktail dress as the centerpiece. For women, the cocktail dress is perfect for a prom. If you feel uncomfortable in a dress, you can also opt for a suit or a chic pantsuit. The men wear a dark suit or tuxedo. You can’t make more of it. Keep it simple and very classy. Of course with smooth, smart shoes and an ironed plain shirt.


In general, you wear more formal clothes at a prom than at other party nights. Choose a semi-formal outfit that you feel comfortable in and that suits your own taste. The safest option is an outfit that adheres to the smart-casual dress code. For ladies, you can wear elegant dresses with rhinestone handbags.

Romytisa rhinestone purse

White Tie

At ‘White Tie’ the gentlemen are expected in a dress suit, this is the most chic thing a man can wear for a gala or prom. A dress suit is a black jacket with silk lapels, the backs of which are longer than the front. For the ladies too, glamour should be at its peak. Literally pull out all the stops to sparkle and sparkle. Modesty doesn’t exist here. Think pearls, sequins and rhinestone bags.

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