Dos & Don’ts for Wearing Fashion Jewelry in Daily Life

fashion jewelry

Are you into fashion? Do you love to look gorgeous and stylish whenever you go out? Well, there are certain do’s and don’ts in the fashion world. Once you master them, combined with your knowledge of jewelry trends, you should be a gorgeous woman in the room of a party! The following tips will do the magic!

Keep an eye on the latest jewelry fashion and grasp it

The fashion trend constantly changes, so does the costume jewelry trend. Nowadays, new fashion jewelry surfaces almost every day, so in order to catch the latest trend and pick up the “in” styles, one always has to keep a close eye on the changes and present trends. Visiting local fashion accessory stores or online wholesale jewelry shops will be a good and convenient way to keep up with the trends. Reading online blogs or fashion related articles will also help. After grasping an outline of the latest fashion trends, you can choose and decide which jewelries are your styles and buy.

fashion jewelry

Remember That Less is the New More

When you are wearing fashion jewelry pieces, bear in mind that you don’t need to overdo it. Even wearing less number of pieces can work wonders. You just need to pair them correctly with your outfit.

For instance, while wearing bold style of jewelries, don’t cram your body with them. If you are dressed in an enormous and bold necklace, avoid wearing earrings. Cover your ears with your open hair instead. Or if you are choosing to wear heavy earrings, leave your neckline bare.

This way, you have a balanced and fashionable look, and you also do justice to your gorgeous fashion jewelry pieces! Because bold pieces must stand out.

The Simpler, the Better

Invited to a party? Thinking of wearing that gorgeous, massive and bright piece of stone jewelry? Think again. Always remember that the simpler you keep your look, the better. Often simple pearls can elevate your look to a greater level than big and bold statement pieces.

Simple dresses and simple earrings are often the best combinations for a look of elegance.

Necklaces & Necklines

Fashion jewelry needs much consideration before being worn and flaunted. Especially, when it comes to gorgeous neckpieces. Don’t just waste the look they can provide by being completely ignorant of the necklines.

Remember, necklines are the judges of necklaces. You first need to see which kind of neck jewelry would suit the neckline of your current dress. Then pick up your neck jewelry.  So check some fashion necklaces collections at wholesale necklaces boutiques and learn some advices from sellers about choosing the right ones.

This fashion jewelry tip is critical. You do not want to wear a choker with a turtleneck dress, thus completely spoiling the beauty of your jewelry and your dress.

fashion jewelry

Pay Attention to Your Fingers

If you wish to adorn your fingers with rings, don’t just wear them and think that the look is complete. Dressed in a fashionable ring automatically draws attention to your fingers and nails. Make sure they look presentable too.

Get a simple manicure. Paint your nails properly and with proper colors to match your outfit as well as your ring. Bold and big rings will go perfectly with simply done nails. There will be a right balance.

Cuff Those Arms Craftily

The last bits of tips under dos and don’ts for fashion jewelry are on bracelets and arm cuffs. Both sleek and bold arm cuffs and bracelets are in fashion. When you wish to look elegant, choose the stylish bracelets and pair them with a single stone ring on your finger. That should elevate your elegance in a formal party.

When you wish to look gorgeous and ravishing in a not-so-formal party, try on the bold arm cuffs. Choose bright colors to go with a bright and bold dress. That will accentuate your arms as well as enliven your dress.


  • Reply March 30, 2017


    Lovely tips. I’m a big fan of jewelry. So big that sometimes I forget less is more 🙂

  • Reply August 16, 2018

    Aleshire Mueller

    You made a good point when you said that the simpler the better when it comes to wearing jewelry because a person tends to look more elegant and sophisticated when wearing simple accessories. I prefer looking elegant than flamboyant, so I might consider this tip. I will also keep this in mind when I buy handmade pieces of jewelry for myself next month. Thank you.

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