Does Stem Cell Therapy Work to Treat Chronic Conditions?

Did you know that according to researchers, 50 million American adults suffer from chronic pain?

Attempting to deal with chronic pain is frustrating because treatment after treatment provides temporary relief, but the debilitating pain eventually returns.

Stem cell treatment is a feasible and sustainable option for chronic pain that cures from the inside. How does stem cell therapy work? By treating the source of your discomfort and dealing with the problem through cell regeneration. Chronic pain may have met its match with stem cells.

Is stem cell therapy effective in treating chronic pain and other conditions? Yes, indeed! Please continue reading to discover the conditions it can treat.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

It is possible to receive stem cell therapy using your own or another person’s healthy stem cells. Stem cells are removed and injected directly into the affected painful area.

Stem cells can be directed to separate into specific cell types that can be used to grow and repair bones or tissues that have been damaged or impacted by the disease.

Stem cells are implanted in:

  • Your bones
  • Your joints
  • Your heart muscle
  • Your nerves
  • Other organs and tissue

Once implanted, your body will recover by the cells regenerating healthy tissue or bone. These cells will therefore help you feel better and help with pain relief.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy Good For?

Stem cells can grow and differentiate into new bone or tissue for use in transplants and regenerative medicine procedures. Typical people who can benefit from stem cell therapy include the following:

  • Those suffering from type 1 diabetes
  • Those with spinal injuries
  • Those suffering from Parkinson’s
  • Those suffering from Alzheimer’s
  • Those suffering from heart illness and strokes
  • Burn injuries victims
  • Osteoarthritis sufferers
  • Cancer patients

Researchers continue to expand their understanding of stem cells. They continue to study stem cells and their usage in transplants and stem cell therapy.

Let’s concentrate on two particular treatments through stem cell therapy:

Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain

The most prevalent disorder treated with stem cells is back pain caused by degenerative disc disease. This chronic pain syndrome is notoriously difficult to treat with epidural cortisone injections or spinal fusion. Stem cell treatment is a novel solution to this situation.

Although yet experimental, stem cell therapy can substitute invasive surgical treatment methods. However, these treatments can sometimes result in problems or further spinal degeneration in areas adjacent to the fusion.

Stem Cells Knee Therapy

Knee injuries are common. Knee injuries can take many different forms:

  • Straining of the knee
  • Knee sprains
  • Knee inflammations
  • Knee dislocations
  • Tearing of the tendons

Knee problems can arise from any sport or activity. In fact, any activity that strains the legs.

Stem cell injections at this center can help relieve inflammation, repair tissue, and may even help avoid knee replacement surgery.

The New and Revolutionized Stem Cell Treatment

So, does stem cell therapy work? Yes! Seeing as stem cells are a natural material, we can use them to treat chronic pain caused by various issues, including chronic pain.

The bottom line is that there is growing evidence that regenerative cell therapy is a suitable and effective treatment option for most orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues.

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