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With the last quarter of 2017 well under way, some of you may be realising you didn’t stick to that New Year’s fitness plan. Instead you did what most of us did, carried on as normal and cried when a summer body didn’t magically appear after a week of exercise. But one thing 2017 has brought is funky new, and old fitness or diet fads. Some have been inspired by icons such as Khloe Kardashian or Charlotte Crosby. Some are oldie’s but goldie’s that can really be easy and effective if you have the right mindset. And with four months still left of the year, there’s still time to give one of them the good old college try. This post is going to review two diet, and two fitness fads that have seemed to be most popular this year.

Diet Fads


The paleo diet has been around for years, but as of recent it seems to be getting a bit more press. More and more people are giving it a go, and even celebrities such as Megan Fox swear by it. It is one of the more grueling diets to undertake, and it does require a lot of commitment. The diet basically means you can only eat things that our cavemen/women ancestors would have been able to forage. So that glass of wine you enjoy so much on a Friday night? Its got to go! And you best learn to love you cups of tea black, because milk is off the cards as well. Potatoes, salt, refined vegetable oils, refined sugars, and processed foods are some of the items you won’t be able to eat. So what are you left with you might ask? Well you can still tuck into grass fed meats, fish, eggs, healthful oils and nuts and seeds. It does have incredible health benefits, including the ability to make you drop pounds instantly. It is very hard to stick to, but if you keep to it you will reap the rewards.

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This next one is a weird one. It’s a celebrity created diet, and apparently a few do swear by it… we’ll see what you think. Celebs such as Camila Alves’ diet consists of swapping two meals for baby food. Now, there’s no denying that baby food doesn’t actually taste that bad. Especially the apple flavoured one’s. But would you swap two meals a day for it? It basically helps reduce tummy fat as pureed baby food is much easier to digest. It’s also full of vitamins and nutrients to help support things such as the body’s immune system and bone growth. Whether this has the same effect on an adult is yet to be decided, but it is effective for getting rid of that annoying spare tyre. The main downside of this is some flavours can be a bit nasty, so actually getting the spoon into your mouth might be harder than it sounds. The sweet one’s aren’t so bad, but the savoury one’s can be a bit hard to stomach. If anyone reading has ever tried this particular diet, we’d love to hear from you!


HIIT is one fitness craze that has also been around for a while, but as really taken off in the last year or so. With celebs such as all the Kardashian sisters thriving off the regime. It stands for high intensity interval training, and is pretty much what the name suggests. It involves short very intense bursts of exercise usually performed in a circuit. Rest periods a few and far between, with most circuits counting a slow jog as a rest. It is one of the most effective training methods, with an average HIIT session burning over 700 calories. It is however rather easy to injure yourself during a HIIT workout due to the excessive strain muscles and joints are put under, with some people even needing to head to places such as Park City Physical Therapy centres. Warming up and cooling down is essential to make sure injuries stay at a minimum.

One inspirational woman that has created her own fitness DVD and clothing line this year is Khloe Kardashian. She is idolised by many, and has managed to go from what many dubbed as the “ugly duckling of the group” to one of the most beautiful and in shape. Her challenging routine that gave her her “revenge body” is as follows. A small warm up of light cardio to get the heart racing. Then onto simple but effective exercises such as deadlifts, squats, pull ups and pull downs. All are completed with higher weights with the aim of building muscle and toning up. Khloe’s programme can be purchased on the internet, and also had a nutrition range on

So there are some of the strangest and most intense diet and fitness fads of the year. If you’ve tried any we’d love to hear, or if you have your own please do leave a comment!

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