Demystifying Weight Loss – How Weight Watchers Work

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Unlike many weight-loss supplements and diet plans that have flooded the market, Weight Watchers is not so much a specific diet as it is a lifestyle-change program.

The popular program works on the premise of tracking the number of healthy calories one consumes on a daily basis as opposed to integrating a new diet or eating arrangement. This way, you can eat what you love on Weight Watchers—really—only that you will have to earn the SmartPoints to do that. In other words, the program assigns SmartPoints values to different foods based on their nutritious value. Each time you consume foods from a certain group, you earn specific points for that day/week—which, of course, implies that junk food with empty calories will earn you fewer points than wholesome meals. The SmartPoints calculation system is done in such a way that it steers you more towards lean protein, veggies, fruits and away from foodstuff laden with saturated fat and sugar.

What People Like

Weight Watchers is specifically designed to help people change their addictive food habits with minimal effort. It is flexible and versatile enough for one to incorporate it into their lifestyle without having to put up with numerous inconveniences. That means that you don’t have to starve yourself half of the time you will be on the program – unlike most diets plans – and neither will you have to quit your beloved alcohol or steak entirely. It doesn’t get any better than that.

What You May not Like

Be prepared to spend some decent cash in implementing this program if you are to reap the full benefits of its robust methodology of weight loss. However, considering the associated health perks, it’s well worth it especially if you have a problem breaking a chronic addiction/craving of a potentially unhealthy food/habit. If you find a Weight Watchers promo code, then it will cost you less.

It Works

Here is a true story about how Weight Watchers works, by Matt Donovan from California:

“I have been overweight since I was 13. I am about 27 now. Throughout my teenage years and early 20s, I struggled unsuccessfully with countless weight loss programs and diet plans to the extent of almost giving up. It seems as if for every step I made forward, I backtracked other two backward. And I didn’t realize this until when my fitness coach pointed out that my eating habits were detrimental to little progress I made either in the gym or through a diet plan. And he wasn’t wrong—I have a soft spot for steak, pasta, ice cream, and I enjoy a beer or two on an easy Sunday afternoon. So to curb this, without having to drop these entirely, he recommended Weight Watchers. And true to his word, I have lost over 30 pounds in less than 6 months. All this without necessarily having to go through the turmoil of quitting my steak and beer ritual over the weekend with the boys. I only have to earn enough SmartPoints during the week!”

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    Ive never tried weight watchers but I know so many people who it has worked for and continues to work for them! Great to know this info so thanks for sharing!

    Foirell |

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