Creating The Ultimate Edgy Look The Easy Way

So, you want to look a little more edgy. Cool! Putting edgy outfits together can be tough, but they can be a fantastic look for festivals, parties, and even on any day you feel like you want to communicate to people that you aren’t taking any of their BS!

Edgy outfits can make you feel badass, but it can be tough to know how to create the perfect look. Below, we’ll give you some easy pointers so that next time you want to create an edgy outfit, you’re covered. Take a look and you might be able to appease your edgy alter ego today!

Pay Attention To Minor Details

Be prepared to pay attention to the minor details if you’re going to create the ultimate edgy look. These little details can actually make a huge difference! Show off some frilly socks, and make sure your nails are painted and shaped to match your look. They can be details that truly make the outfit, so don’t forget about them.


Choose The Right Jewelry

Your jewelry is everything to creating an edgy look. Make sure you pay attention to your ears; it sounds strange, but edgy looking outfits often wear great fashion jewelry earrings, like ear cuffs, lots of hoops, and contrasting studs. See how many studs or hoops you can get on one ear!

You also want to make sure you have other jewelry to complement this look. Chokers and bold necklaces can be great, as can stacking rings. If a choker isn’t for you, then layer some daintier necklaces instead!

Have A Go-To Hairstyle

What will your go-to hairstyle be? Space buns can look great, or you could go for a messy ponytail. Alternatively, a hat can work. You need to do something different with your hair if you want to look edgy. Plain old straight hair just won’t cut it!

Bonus tip: add some dry shampoo to your locks and really rub it in to get a tousled, voluminous vibe.

Add Some Chunky Boots Or Trainers

Edgy outfits nearly always have chunky boots or trainers. Biker boots can look great even with pretty dresses. You can find cheap alternatives, but Doc Martens always look great. Then you have chunky, spice girl style trainers. It all depends on the look you want to go for.

Wear Something Fitted With Something Loose

Oftentimes, edgy looking people will play with shapes. Try wearing something fitted with something loose. For example:

  • An oversized jumper with a leather look skirt.
  • Baggy trousers with a crop top.
  • Skinny leather look jeans with an oversized t-shirt.

However, you can completely ignore this rule if you prefer. Some people also get away with pairing baggy items with even more baggy items and looking great – just think of the Olsen twins!

Mix Up Your Textures

Mixing up your textures is key. An outfit without enough texture nearly always looks dull.

Take Inspiration From The 90s

Still feeling stuck? Look at the 90s! They had the ultimate grungy, edgy fashion.

How will you look more edgy?

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