Crazy beauty trend: how to contour your face with tape invented by Hudda Kattan

tape contour, hudda cattan

A new contouring technique that has recently hit the web has intrigued make-up obsessives and Kim Kardashian fans across the globe. Apparently, the secret to defined cheekbones and a flawless jawline has been sitting in our stationary cupboard the whole time. Contouring with tape may seem ridiculous to those with no knowledge of face sculpting and shaping, but for those who struggle to get the perfect definition, it somehow makes sense.

The technique involves applying tape to your cheeks, nose and forehead then brushing bronzer around the tape, removing the tape, then blending in with your usual foundation. But does it really work? Beauty youtuber, Hudda Kattan, posted a tutorial on how to carry out this beauty trick yet during the final stage of blending, the lines completely disappeared and she reapplied bronzer anyway!

It’s possible that this is just another beauty fad that does nothing more than waste time and product. Some say that contouring doesn’t require exact lines as our faces are not naturally straight edged.

After the release of multiple contouring trends during the past couple of years, the question on everyone’s lips is which method is the most reliable and gives consistently flawless results? Tontouring involves contouring just once a week with fake tan. Great if you’re a lazy girl brave enough to apply self tanner to your face! Alternatively, Henna contouring is a beautiful, delicate way to show the natural curve of your face through intricate patterns. Finally, the bizarrely named clown contouring involves applying beauty products in the style of clown make-up.

Unfortunately there is no set answer to the question of contouring. It’s all about what works best for you and your face shape. All I can advise is to keep applying until you find a tried and tested method that gives you your dream complexion.


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