Cooking With Offset Smokers -Tips for Beginner

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Cooking with offset smokers is the most rewarding and best experience among the three types of barbecue smokers.

This type of grilling also identified as barrel smokers, it comprises separate firebox connected to the grilling chamber that enables a direct or indirect cooking in a firebox or smoking chamber. The indirect grilling method results in fantastic barbecue, fish, poultry and smoked meats.

It doesn’t matter the type of offset you have to choose, a secret to slow and low cooking is just maintaining a constant cooking temperature.

Therefore, you have to have that feel on how a certain smoker cooks. And all this takes little experiments, practices and lots of patience. The following are simple tips useful for beginners:

Season the Smoker

It is actually a simple procedure similar to seasoning a
troupe of an iron skillet on the large scale. Firstly, cover the inside part of
the grilling chamber with any type of cooking oil.

Next, light a fire inside the firebox and add some wood chips for the smoke. Sustain the heating temperature at 250-275 degrees f and let it burn for about 2 to 3 hours while adding more chips for the smoke if required. It is just simple as that.

Using Coals for fire instead of wood

Charcoal can burn at a constant pace and id easier to control
compared to wood. However, you can master the charcoal temperature and try with wood but always consider using coals. Pre-heat the grilling chamber to the required cooking temperature.

The lid should remain closed

A regular temperature cannot maintain if the lid is always
opened. Particularly, if you have a lot of meat to grill and lots of grilling space is used, it is necessary to open the lid one in a while so as the meat
can rotate from a firebox. Otherwise, the lid should always remain closed.

When adding the Coals

Use the coal chimney to pre-start them previous to add to the
fire. By adding the unlit charcoal may cool the fire and that’s not good for
the cooking.

Don’t Soak the Wood Chips

To make your fire burn consistently, always avoid soaking
your chips.


The secret behind indirect grilling method depends on the ability to sustain the cooking temperature for an extended period of time. However, for the beginner it might be a frustrating and complicated skill to learn, but with the helpful tips on
this articles can assist to become a grilling expert.

You must always consider the steel thickness while shopping
for the offset grill since a thin gauge cannot sustain heat perfectly. Also,
the heat next to firebox can be excess than at the end of grilling chamber.

You must regularly clean the grease and ashes from your
cooking chamber after every cook. If you neglect cleaning barrel smoker, ashes
and Greece will trap water and eventual result to rust.

Besides using an offset smoker one can also know about an electric offset smoker as well, that will help to reduce your time and labor.

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