Confused about your first yoga class dress code? We got you covered!

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj”, which means to integrate or to unite. This ancient practice has widely influenced Western culture, and more and more people are now advocating the benefits of yoga. Although everyone knows about yoga, once you actually start as a beginner, it is hard to know what you need to buy in order to start a good yoga routine. The industry has developed so much equipment and clothing that you might be overwhelmed with all the options. We have curated a list of all equipment you would need to start a good yoga practice.


It goes without saying that most yoga studios need you to wear breathable clothes in class, but you don’t need to go all out by spending hundreds of dollars on printed yoga pants. It is quite a wise decision to purchase mid-level basics for anything that you might need.


The safest bet is always buying a few pairs of solid-color yoga pants. If you want durable yoga pants that look good and are made out of breathable fabric, you can go to and find the perfect style for yourself. You can get colors such as dark grey, navy, and black in order to help you mix and match these tights with a variety of tops to have the perfect outfit every time.

 If you are looking for pants that aren’t so tight, harem-style and jogger-style pants are your safest bet. These styles have elastic around the ankles and offer quite a lot of room for you to move around. These stay in place throughout your practice.


If you are planning on joining a hot yoga class, shorts are quite a popular option for girls. Most guys who practice yoga prefer wearing shorts. It is important to remember to wear either form-fitting shorts or loose shorts that have connected tights underneath. There are a lot of poses that require you to position your legs in a way that would leave you a bit uncovered.


The best advice to give out to beginner yoginis is to wear a form-fitting top so that your shirt doesn’t keep flying over your head every time you perform downward facing a dog. If you plan on attending hot yoga classes or you sweat a lot, wicking material is quite helpful. You might also want to consider carrying a light sweatshirt to class since a lot of studios are kept cool. You can wear it till your class starts and take it off if you feel hot, but most people do need it for the final savasana.

Sports bras

It is important to wear a sports bra to a yoga class if you are a woman. Yoga is not a low-impact activity, it needs a decent sports bra to help you keep your breasts in place as you transition into various tough poses. Your practice will be way more comfortable with a sports bra.

Hair ties

No matter whether you’re a woman or a man, if you have long hair, you definitely need to think about a way to secure it in place before you start with your yoga practice. A basic headband or a hair tie should be enough.


Any committed yogi or yogini knows the importance of having the correct equipment for yoga. The best thing about yoga is that you need very less equipment to fully reap the benefits of your practice.

A yoga mat

The most basic necessity for practicing yoga is a yoga mat. These allow you to freely express yourself in your space. The bonus point is that yoga mats are usually very light and can be taken with you anywhere. You do not need to join a yoga studio, you can just go out in nature for your yoga practice. These mats help create traction for your feet and hands so that you do not slip, especially when you start sweating. It also has the added benefit of providing some cushioning on a hard floor.

A lot of gyms and studios have mats for rent, usually around $1 per class. This is quite disadvantageous since a lot of people use them and sweat on them. It is always best to invest in your own yoga mat, one that is durable and will last you for a long time. You can research and check which mat has the most features that seem attractive to you. It is important to check thickness, material, durability, traction and length before buying a yoga mat.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are an amazing creation not only for beginners but for advanced yogis as well. Blocks are mostly used in order to help you achieve proper alignment in a pose if you can not do the full expression of it yet. For example, placing blocks under your hand helps “raise the floor” during forward bends and half-moon pose. These blocks are usually made out of either cork, wood or foam. These are very durable and are made in a way that they can stand on different heights, offering adaptability to the user.

Yoga straps

A yoga strap or a yoga belt is extremely useful for certain poses where you need to hold onto your feet but aren’t fully able to quite yet. For example, in paschimottanasana (seated forward fold), if you can not reach your feet, you can loop the strap around your feet and maintain a flat back instead of slouching. These are also great for certain binding postures and are helpful if your shoulders aren’t that flexible. With the strap’s help, you can always progress and slowly build the strength and flexibility in order to bind your hands without the help of a strap. Assisting equipment always helps you better your posture and alignment.

It is quite hard to figure out what to wear and what to get to your first yoga class. There are so many options that it gets quite overwhelming to choose. These are the basic necessities you would need for any yoga class.

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