Compelling Reasons To Consider The Galapagos Islands For Your Next Vacation

Galapagos Islands

Azure blue seas, sheltered sandy bays, and some of the most fantastic wildlife anywhere in the world. That is what awaits you on a trip to the Galapagos Islands. In fact, there are four compelling reasons why you should make this the location of your next break. Read on to find out what they are.

Combine your visit with seeing Ecuador as well.

The first compelling reason to visit the Galapagos Islands is that you can do two locations on the same trip. Yes, that’s right, the Galapagos are so close to Ecuador that it is possible to combine both places in a single vacation.

Of course, you are totally free to arrange this under your own steam. Yet, often travelers choose to go on one of the many organized Ecuador and Galapagos tours that are available. The advantages of these being that you are sure to fit in all the highlights in both places. All without the hassle of having to pin down the fine detail yourself. Something that can be a huge deal when travelling in an unfamiliar place.

The wildlife

Apart from its close proximity to the Equator, the Galapagos has many other delights. Of course, one of the most well known of these is the many unique species that live on the islands. These include Darwin’s finches and the Galapagos penguin. Then there is the rather ostentatiously named Magnificent frigatebird!

That is not all either, because the islands are always famous for its tortoise population, the marine iguanas and the sea lions that line the beaches. Just remember that while visiting is a wonderful chance to get up close with these beasts, they are truly wild. Therefore a respectful distance between you and the animal needs to be kept at all times. For the safety of everyone involved.


The scenery

It’s not just the animals that inhabit the islands that are impressive either. In fact, the landscape and scenery are some of the most breathtaking that you will find anywhere in the world.

In particular, be sure to make time to visit Rabida Island, which is famous for its red sand, and is also a popular snorkeling spot. Additionally, Black Turtle Cove is a must-see. Primarily because of the beautiful mangroves populated by sea turtles, rays, and pelicans.

The food

While the Galapagos are a wild, remote place, it is also worth knowing that their primary industry is tourism. What that means is there are some impressive places to stop for a bit to eat in the islands. Usually, with some remarkable views.

In particular, the Finch Bay Restaurant is famous for its fine dining seafood. You will also find a modern and sophisticated hotel attached to this restaurant with a wonderful spa perfect for pampering sessions.

Then there is Coco Surf, which is also a good choice. Not least because of the spectacular cocktails they have on offer, as well the beautiful oceanfront location where you can appreciate the beauty of the Galapagos as you eat.

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