Comfortable yet Stylish Airport Fashion Looks

airport fashion

While some think of air travel as merely a means to get from one place to the next, we are more inclined to see it a bit differently. Rather than being eager to close our eyes and get a nap on the plane, we see it as yet another opportunity to indulge our fashion cravings and show up in a stylish little getup that will make us stand out among the crowd. We want to be known as the kind of skilled fashionistas who understand how to pair comfort with style, and who look good when they’re enjoying their wanderlust and traveling to glamorous, faraway destinations. Want to be a jet-set diva with fashion tricks up her sleeve? Then let’s take a look at some airport fashion tips!

When in doubt, go for a dress

airport fashion

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While a sexy, bodycon dress is something every girl looks good in, it’s definitely not something that screams comfort, especially not on a plane. However, maxi dresses? Totally different story. A long, flowy jersey dress is really easy to be in, and you can dress it up pretty much any way you want to. A leather jacket and some ankle booties for a rocker chic vibe, a slim blazer and a shoe with kitten heels for something more professional, or maybe a pair of chucks and a denim jacket for casual comfort. You can pick a airport fashion dress in a neutral color and then style it up with colorful accessories, but you can also go for something more colorful if you prefer patterns and vividness in your wardrobe.

Loose pants and sassy shoes

airport fashion

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We’re not the biggest fan of pants such as jeans simply because we don’t find them to be all that comfortable for travel. If you feel good in your skinnies then, by all means, go for it, but otherwise, we’d recommend loose pants. They’re chic, they’re easy to walk in, and they aren’t restrictive in any way. If it’s hot on the plane, then salwar pants can look really cool, or if you want something different you can go for a pair of black culottes or a pair high-waisted, silky pants that you can match with a simple white blouse. Wear them with ballet flats or Oxford shoes and you’re good.

Celebs travel in athleisure

airport fashion


And here we come to the king of jet-set fashion – athleisure. There is simply no easier way to pair style and comfort, and since this trend has been on the runways for years now and it’s still going strong, you can use the opportunity to rock some cool leggings and hoodies with a cute print. Want to take it even further? Make something with your own name! This trend is very popular among girls from sports teams who tend to wear their team colors even out of the field. Something like a custom TWP Sports shirts for your girl squad or a netball-styled dress is the sassiest thing ever. The best thing about this? You can wear a cool pair of kicks and be absolutely comfortable all day long. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match elements. Your sweatpants will look great when paired with a slouchy crop top and a denim jacket. Keep in mind that not everything needs to be specifically sporty for you to craft a good athleisure look.

Oversized sweaters

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An oversized cashmere sweater is the perfect thing to snuggle into if you’re going somewhere cold, and it’s just an easy way to be fashionable without trying too hard. A delicate powder pink color, or maybe a rich red, or deep plum, or something peachy are all very pretty airport fashion options. Pair it with slim pants or leggings, some ankle boots, and enjoy the cuddly feeling.

Accessories to style it up

airport fashion

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Accessories are your go-to glam trick, especially because you can take them on or off easily. Board the plane with a pair of giant hoop earrings that make your messy bun look more stylish, then take them off when you just want to rest and doze off during a long flight. A silk scarf? Perfect to tie around your head in that old Hollywood way and pair with big sunglasses when you’re exiting the plane – hide your dark circles and tired eyes and look absolutely chic at the same time!

There we go, enjoy your vacation and enjoy being the most stylish woman on the plane! The tips are here to inspire you, and now’s the time to put your own ideas into action and create some cool airport fashion outfits.

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