Coloured Diamond Options for an Engagement Ring

coloured diamonds

White diamonds have always been the traditional choice for an engagement ring, yet, like all fashions and trends, change has brought coloured stones into the equation, and with all colours of the spectrum possible, you have a unique opportunity to add some real colour to the design. If, for example, your partner is the glamorous type, a rosy pink or emerald green hue would be ideal, and with violets and very pale turquoise, you have a spectrum of colour that will go with anything.

Online Jewellers

The whole world seems to be going digital, and with lower than retail prices, affordable deals can be found. If you are ready to start looking for that ideal engagement ring, check what’s on offer at Diamonds in New Zealand, who have just about every colour covered, and with a solid reputation within the industry and a desire to please, you might have found the perfect ring for that perfect partner. The online jeweller does not have the high running costs of a shop in the trendy part of town, or sales staff to employ, and with an established diamond dealer who is also very skilled at creating unique designs, you can have a personalised engagement ring with the colour of your choice.

Full Spectrum Range

When looking at coloured diamonds, you are not really limited for choice, and with a base shade in mind, you can browse through the many fine examples found on the website of an established online jeweller. If you want the ring to be a total surprise, then you will need to do a little research about your partner’s preferences regarding colour, and let us not forget her ring size, which you will have to somehow obtain. A close friend could do that for you, or you could find a way to include the topic in a conversation.

Signature Colour

Many fashion conscious women have their own signature hue, and by combining this with the engagement ring in the form of coloured diamonds, you are guaranteed to take her breath away. If you are not sure whether or not she has a favourite colour, you can ask a good friend, who I’m sure can keep a secret, and at the same time, she can tell you about your fiancée’s jewellery preferences, which will aid you when you choose your colour of the diamonds used to make up the engagement rings.

The current trend is for blues and reds, but there is no reason why you can’t opt for something a little different, and by consulting with an established online jeweller who specialises in coloured diamonds, you can be sure of making the right choice.  If you would like to know more about coloured diamonds, there are resources online and with images of many stunning examples, you can begin the process of choosing a suitable engagement ring. It is important to have some insight into your partner’s tastes, and with the help of a close friend, you can plan the perfect occasion to pop the question.


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