Coats for women what is best to wear during autumn and winter?


During autumn and winter it’s hard to tell what kind of coat you should wear. Sometimes it’s extremely cold and then the next week your warm winter jacket makes you feel sweaty. So we can conclude it’s better to have a couple of jackets if temperatures drop and rise again.

coat, cape Cloak
There are enough coats for women to choose from but if you want to stand out you will love the cloak. You can fasten your clothes at your neck with a cloak. It will keep you warm and is perfect for autumn. Popular colors are black and camel. They are perfect when the weather is transitioning from autumn to winter you can. They are perfect when the weather is transitioning from autumn to winter you can find more coats for women here.

The cape
A cape never goes out of style and looks elegant and expensive. It keeps you warm and you can easily wear it over your clothes. When it gets colder wear some gloves and a pair of knee high boots. Preferable boots made of leather or suede.

Fake fur coat
When it’s really getting cold you might want to go for a fake fur coat. These are perfect coats for women. It’s a great way to look stylish during cold weather. The best thing is they come in many different styles and colors, click here to visit Fashionmia. If you want to make a statement go for a bold red or green fur coat. If you want to tone it down a bit, choose black or grey.

Camel coat
The camel coat is long trench coat but usually the material is a bit warmer. Camel colors are neutral and easy to combine with any outfit. They are perfect to wear with your favorite blue jeans. Great coats for women and perfect for autumn!

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