Coat and Jacket Buying Tips


With the colder months just around the corner, now is a good time to go out and treat yourself to a new coat or jacket. As you can see here there is no shortage of styles, which certainly makes it easier to find and buy something suitable. However, that said, there are a few things you need to bear in mind when you go out shopping for this very important item of clothing. You need do a bit of research and shop around to find the right one for you.

When are you planning to wear it?

The first, and perhaps the most important, consideration is when and where you are going to be wearing your coat or jacket. Given the fact that these are usually expensive items of clothing, you really want to get as much use out of them, as possible. Ideally, you want a coat that can just as easily be worn, on the weekends, and for nights out, as it can for your commute to work. The more versatile it is the better.

Provides adequate protection from the weather

Naturally, any coat you buy will need to protect you properly from the elements. It is usually a good idea to buy a coat that is at least showerproof. If you are likely to get caught in showers it is always handy to have some sort of hood built in.

For those who live in a variable climate making sure that the coat is properly windproof makes sense. Little features like elasticised cuffs and a drawstring at the bottom can make a huge difference to how warm you stay. These simple features really do help to keep the draughts out.

The right pockets

You need to make sure that your coat has enough pockets. They need to be big enough to accommodate important items like your phone and wallet that need to be close at hand. It is always worth looking for pockets that can be buttoned or zipped shut. These are far more secure and considerably reduce your risk of being a victim of pickpockets. This is especially the case if the pocket is located inside the coat. It is also a good idea to buy a coat that has somewhere for you to stow a pair of gloves and a scarf.

The right size

When you try your jacket or coat on take the time to ensure that it allows enough freedom of movement. Zip or button it up then fold your arms, stretch up and try to pick something up off the ground. Ideally, you should be wearing a thick jumper or sweatshirt when you go shopping. That way you can check that there is enough freedom of movement when you are fully wrapped up against the cold.

If you have not been bought a coat for a while it is a good idea to measure yourself. This video quickly shows you how to do it properly. As you will see, it is a job that is best done with the help of another person.


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