Choosing The Perfect Resort For Your Honeymoon

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Honeymoon is perhaps the most precious time in a couple’s life. It brings them closer to each other and creates memories they can cherish for a lifetime. For this reason, couples are more than keen to make this trip a very special one. From travel to accommodation, local sightseeing, food and drink, and more, everything needs to be well planned. Amongst these, the finding the right place to stay is the most important. If you are planning to go for your honeymoon soon, here a checklist to help you in choosing the perfect resort:

1.Have a budget in mind: To begin with, you must have a budget in mind. Decide and plan it together because this trip is for the twosome, not you alone. Once you are through with the budgeting, start looking for a resort at your destination. You can speak to a travel operator or search online. The latter is a better option because travel websites usually offer good deals on travel tickets, all inclusive resort vacations, local sightseeing and more. Go through the deals carefully as there may be some hidden costs and taxes included in them.

2.Check out the facilities at the location: After short listing the resorts that you may consider, check out the facilities there. You can have a glimpse of the rooms, view, amenities, etc on the resort’s website. They also mention other facilities such as on-site restaurant, bar, swimming pool, garden, local tour guide, airport pick and drop, and more. Look for a place that offers more for less. Also, check the online reviews of actual customers to get a fair idea about the service quality you can expect here.


3.See if they offer some adventure/entertainment activities: Wouldn’t you love to experience an adventurous activity with your spouse? Some entertainment would also be good to add to your honeymoon memories. Look for a resort that has some adventure and entertainment activities to offer as a part of the package. For instance, mountain resorts may give a ski tour to the guests while beach resorts may offer a snorkeling and diving experience. For entertainment activities, you may look for dance nights and musical concerts. Some honeymoon resorts even organize special parties for couples.

4.Privacy is important too: Even though comfort and luxury matter a lot, privacy is something very important when you embark on this beautiful journey. So make sure that you get enough of it at your honeymoon resort. After all, you take this trip to come closer to each other and this is not possible unless you get your fair share of private moments. Look for a place that is away from the din of the city and does not have big family crowd.

5.There should be a scope for surprise: Surprise moments make honeymoon trips more special. Wouldn’t you love to surprise your spouse on your honeymoon? Check with the resort if they can help you plan one. It could be special décor for you room as you arrive or a romantic dinner by the poolside. You can talk to their representative before finalizing the booking.

Staying at the right place can make all the difference to the quality of time you spend together on your honeymoon. Try these tips and add value to the most special trip in your life.

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    I’m married but these are great tips and in marriage, knowing your budget/spending threshold is important.


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