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Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean being in good health, for example eating and exercising well. It’s with everything you do. A healthy attitude to work, socialising, relationships, and yes, obviously eating and exercising. At least some of you have an area in your life where you have an unhealthy attitude towards it. How many of you can say you hate your job? Or you’re at a bad point in your relationship?  When you’re going through a tough time, it changes your whole lifestyle. One thing dragging you down will spread into multiple different things. You have an argument with your partner, you’ll be miserable at work. You’re having a bad day at work, you’ll go home and end up taking the anger out on your partner.  It’s a vicious cycle so many of us fall into. This article is going to share some tips on how to improve your lifestyle in general to give you a healthy body, and mind.



An unhealthy relationship with work can cause so many issues for you. Not only within the workplace, they’re likely to be taken home as well. There’s literally two ways to sort this. Either find a way to make work good again, or find a new job. As scary as finding a new job might sound, it could be the quickest way to happiness. If you’ve been working a while, you should have gained the skills needed to be eligible for most jobs in the same line of work. If it’s money issues due to pay that’s worrying you, go for a job that is a higher wage. If it’s the fact that you’ve realised you made the totally wrong career choice, do something to get yourself qualified for a new role. Don’t be scared to take another course at college, there are plenty of night courses available to help you. Yes it might be a long route, but the reward at the end will be more than worth it.

If you love your job, but are having trouble with the people you’re working with, don’t be afraid to tell someone! Talking to the person face to face is the easiest way to sort this. Confrontation is hard on anyone, but they might not even realise what they’re doing is annoying or upsetting you. If it’s going as far as workplace bullying, just report it to your manager. They can either speak to the individual, or move you or them so you don’t have to interact. Work is the biggest part of your life, choose to make it the best part.


Body & Mind

One of the biggest impact on what lifestyle you lead ultimately comes down to the diet and fitness routine you undertake. So many people choose to live a life that’s filled with bad food, smoking, alcohol, drugs and zero exercise. Some people might be perfectly happy doing so, but the negative effect it has on your body and mind is huge. Let’s start with food. Fast food contains so much fat, salt, sugar and much more, that is slowly poisoning your mind and body. It has no nutritional value, it gives you no energy, and after a while, will start to be the reason you have no energy. Try switching your diet up slowly. Going completely healthy will be too hard, try doing three days a week on purely healthy foods. Look to source things such as blueberry powder, and add it to some banana and oats pancakes. It has such a high nutritional value, the blueberry help keep cholesterol level. Bananas are a great source of potassium, and oats are a great carbohydrate to fuel the day. Starting the day off healthy will leave your body and mind refreshed. Exercising is where it gets really tricky, until you change your diet, it’s unlikely you’ll have the energy or willpower to go to exercise. But it does have so many benefits when you do. It can help improve endurance, aid bone strength, keep the risks of heart or lung disease low, and really help to clear your mind. Going for a run can really free your thoughts. Exercise also releases a nice amount of endorphins, so no matter what mood you enter your exercise routine in, you’ll always come out feeling a lot healthier in body and mind.


The hardest one to sort. Whether it be your relationship with your family, partner, or friends, there’s always an issue somewhere. Family is the easiest to sort. They’ll always be there for you no matter what. Maybe somewhat too much. If you’re a girl, it’s typical to have clashes with your mother. They’re looking out for you, and only trying to push you to do the best. If they’re being too overbearing, just have a word and let them know how you feel. Half the time they won’t even realise they’re doing it. If it’s the lack of time you spend with them, make more time for each other. Organise family days out, or even a takeaway and movie night in.

Relationships with your partner is always a sensitive subject. Once you’re out of the honeymoon period, chances are you’re in for some choppy waters. One of the main reasons being, you’re either spending too little, or too much time with each other. If it’s the latter, you need to understand that having your own space to either be with friends, or family, or even just in your own company is so important. If it’s the fact you’re spending too little time with each other. Figure out if the reason is you actually don’t want to. If this is the case, it might be that the relationship just isn’t working out. If it’s because your lives are too busy, start making time for each other. Even if it’s just an hour on a day when you wouldn’t usually see each other, it’s nice to catch up face to face.

Friendships are one of the hardest matters, especially if you’re a girl. It’s so easy for little fallouts to have a negative impact on your lifestyle. It can literally take you from being the happiest person in the world, to feeling terribly low. But at the same time, a good group of friends is exactly what you need to get you through the other troubles in your life. If you’re having issues with one of your friends, just talk to them. You’ll have known them for most likely years, it’s best to have a little conversation with them about any issues, than waiting for it all to blow up. Like with your relationship with a partner, if it’s the fact that you don’t see them that much, make time for them! There are 168 hours in the week, there’s definitely a spare hour or two in there to meet for a catch up. Sometimes, it may be that the friends you have are leading you astray. Whether that be partying too much, sharing negative views with you, or even drug taking. These are can give your lifestyle such a negative impact. Don’t be scared to cut people out in search of a better person. It’s easy enough to make a new, more positive group of friends.

Following those tips is a guaranteed way to make you feel better. There’s just so many aspects of life that can make your lifestyle negative. A good place to start would be changing your diet and fitness routine. It’ll clear your mind for more positive thoughts, and open your eyes to other issues in your life.

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    sofia wilson

    Great article !! specifically Body & Mind part, I am a big fan of natural remedies and plant-based living, your article keeps other motivated to join this clean eating movement.

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