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An invitation to a party is super fun! And will get your party mood on! But wait a minute, this party has a dress code and something like that: Casual chic. What does that mean and – more importantly, how do you create a casual chic look? Do you come across the dress code casual chic on an invitation to a party or a wedding?! Do not panic, I will give you useful tips. Don’t make it too hard for yourself. Start from a basic outfit and add some striking chic details. 

crochet midi dress

                                                                      Crochet midi dress

Dress code

To begin with, what exactly is casual chic? The word actually says it all, it is a combination of casual (think of comfortable casual wear, such as a nice pair of jeans with a top or a shirt and chic, think of a cocktail dress or more formal clothes. With the dress code ‘casual chic’ you combine items from both clothing styles and that gives you a lot of freedom and room for creativity! 

Dance all night

With this dress code, you can safely appear with bare legs. You also do not necessarily have to wear heels and you can also go for casual shoes, which you can then dance on all night. The length of your dress or skirt has no guidelines, but too short is never good. What kind of outfit options are possible?

Combine with a jacket 

If you want to go for a dress, combine that with a sporty jacket. Prefer a pair of jeans? Then match those jeans with a chic blouse. You apply the same for your make-up: a beautiful base with striking detail. Think of winged eyeliner, red lipstick or add some highlighter. Complete it with beautiful matching accessories, such as a pair of eye-catching bracelets, an elegant necklace or elegant pumps. Do you want to go one step further? Include some wedges or high heels.

lounge wear set

                                                                    Lounge wear set

Sporty elements with chic elements

The dress code Casual Chic is often an invitation from a party. Companies where you need to wear a suit also use this dress code on casual Friday. As the name suggests, your outfit can be partly casual and partly chic. So sporty accessories or casual shoes are great with this dress code. Combined with a chic item such as a neat blazer, pencil skirt, dress or heels.

Mix and match

You can mix and match nicely with the dress code casual chic and it is one that many people can work with. There are a lot of options and for a party you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe, because you can mix and match with existing items that you have and get some new items from Femme Luxe Finery!

denim jeans

                                                                             Denim jeans

Blouse with pants or a skirt

A black blouse with neat trousers or jeans and flat shoes like ballerinas or loafers is a good example of a casual chic outfit. Suitable for parties but also for casual Friday in the office. To make it a little more interesting, you can also opt for a sporty jacket or casual sweater over a neat skirt (leather skirt is always good!).

Chic dresses

You don’t have to pull out your fancy dress right away. A casual dress or one of your beautiful summer dresses is enough. Dress it up a bit more with chic accessories such as beautiful jewelry or fancy sandals with a heel. A nice bag or nice hairdo also gives a nice twist to your casual-chic look. The length of the dress or skirt has no guideline, but as I mentioned earlier: too short is always a no-go.

black bodysuit

                                                                              Black bodysuit


With accessories, you can finish a casual chic outfit very casual or chic. If the clothing is already pretty chic, go for casual accessories such as a scarf or eye-catching bag. Or choose a pair of casual shoes instead of heels. If you have opted for a casual outfit, you can give it a twist with chic jewelry and accessories. Think of a beautiful necklace or earrings but also a neat belt, clutch or high heels.

So now that you have some guidelines start mixing and matching your outfits to get the right look!

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